1. C A V E S & House Parties 

    We all know that good music is the key to a great house party, however, good live music is the key to an unforgettable house party. Singer-songwriter Tristen has created a Kickstarter campaign to fund her second album, C A V E S, on a new independent label. The Grooveshark team thought this was an awesome project and have decided to share this campaign with our sharks. With prizes ranging from a $1 track download to an entire live show at your next soiree, Tristen is making sure her backers are getting their contributions worth.

    View the campaign.

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  2. In our relentless pursuit to empower musicians and nurture the world of independent music, we hopped on Kickstarter to scope out artists and innovators that are using their talents to bring music to the world. After browsing through an absurd amount of projects, we stumbled upon two campaigns that sounded so great, we were compelled to harmonize with them. We teamed up with musician Jeff Harms and indie-music web series Dirty Laundry TV to promote their Kickstarter campaigns on the Grooveshark site via our video engagement platform. More than 75,000 YouTube views, and thousands of dollars in crowdfunding later, both campaigns were successfully funded. Jeff Harms and Dirty Laundry TV linked back up with us, and offered to give our Grooveshark listeners, and readers, a heads up on what we can look forward to as a result of their campaigns’ success.

    Jeff Harms

    Pledge Goal: $3000

    Backed: $6,007

    Singer-songwriter, Jeff Harms, found his way to Kickstarter to test whether he could pay for an album before it was even released to the public. Promising prizes that ranged from digital downloads, to even an 8-hour live performance, Harms left no limits to the extent of his gratitude for his supporters. His curiosities, and wild tactics, produced positive results because Harms managed to receive more than double the amount of his requested backing and his two-part album, He Said She Said That’s What She Said and Pretty Girls Don’t Just Talk to Me, are being released to the public this summer and this winter respectively. While this multi-talented artist plans on using the extra funds to ramp up the awareness for his new album, he may find himself too preoccupied with his new responsibilities of arranging and writing 15 custom songs and a rock opera for some of his generous fans.

    Check out this Kickstarter update video and get a glimpse of the creative process.

    Dirty Laundry TV

    Pledge Goal: $15,000

    Backed: $15,585

    The self-produced web-series, Dirty Laundry TV, has had a 3-year track record for delivering interviews with some of the most interesting bands in the independent music scene. Appropriately shot in a Silver Lake laundromat, this unconventional web-series became inspired to create a Kickstarter campaign after hearing about a fundraising drive on a local public radio station. Raising more than $15,000, Dirty Laundry TV’s fundraising efforts managed to provide more than enough spare change to keep the machines going on their weekly series. The team is now gearing up to expand the breadth of their content by taking their Dirty Laundry out of Silver Lake and onto the road.

    Check out their recent interview with Deap Valley and some of the sweet t-shirts they have on sale.

    Deap Valley having a Zen Moment.


  3. Creating an awesome music experience that resonates equally with local scenes as well as music fans everywhere is always something we’re excited to support.

    The Awesomeness Behind the Organization

        Listen Local First (LLF) is DC’s newest local music initiative and artist development incubator. They are forming some valuable partnerships between the local arts and business communities and have been working with some of the city’s most talented musicians. LLF creates alternate avenues for local music exploration and performance collaborations through partnerships with local venues, businesses and arts organizations, as well as works to build awareness and promote opportunities for local musicians and businesses in order to raise the profile of DC’s vibrant local music scene.

        Listen Local First has launched a Kickstarter Campaign to take a Mobile Music Venue down to Austin to spend a week documenting and creating additional performance opportunities for DC’s most talented musicians while they attend SXSW.

    Grooveshark Users Making a Difference

        Here’s where Grooveshark comes in: If enough philanthrophic sharks out there donate a total of at least $500 dollars before March 5, Grooveshark will become an official sponsor of the Mobile Music Venue. Be sure to mention Grooveshark or this blog post next to your name or in any message/note that you submit with your donations so we can track which donations come from the sharks.

        Check out their Kickstarter page to see the Kickstarter Video they put together and to donate. There are several different perks associated with the different donation levels so be sure to scope those out (minimum donation is $1; the rewards for donating begin after a $5 donation).

    Love & local scenes,