1. We’d like to take the opportunity to tell you about a lovely utility called Groovylists on this, the most appropriate of days.

    Groovylists is a fairly simple concept. You’ve got playlists in other services, like Spotify, Last.FM, or iTunes. You want to import that playlist over to Grooveshark to take it with you wherever you go! Groovylists makes it extremely easy to do so. Want to see it in action?

    Try it out today! Tell all your friends!

    The Desktop App is working again! We broke it pretty hard when we were updating the site for RC13, but our lovely developer, Katy, fixed it up right last night. Thanks to everyone who kept us updated on the issue, we appreciate the input so so much!

    Oh, but then I tripped over the Last.FM Scrobbler that we keep in most inconvenient place in the middle of the office. So now that’s broken — but don’t worry, we’re on it. It should be fixed by Wednesday morning, after we test to make sure the fix won’t break anything else!

    One of the most common requests we get from Mac users is a way to make the native media keys work for Grooveshark. Well, we haven’t quite mastered that art yet, but we found an app that does! It’s called Factotum and it’s available here for a coupla bucks.

    How’s your day going? What are you listening to this afternoon? Holler at us on Twitter or Facebook, we’d love to talk music.

  2. We love when sharks out there make cool add-ons to Grooveshark and share them with the community. In the past we’ve talked about Groovylists: a sweet service that lets you import playlists from iTunes, Spotify, and Last.fm into Grooveshark playlists.

    Recently, the folks over at Make Use Of took note of how awesome Groovylists is and wrote a cool round-up of all its, well, use.

    Other reasons might include practicality – Grooveshark only requires a compatible web browser, as opposed to a software download. If you’re after your tunes then all you’ll need to do is log in via the web interface and click My Music.

    If you fancy giving Grooveshark a go but can’t face losing your carefully planned playlists then Groovylists can probably help you out.

    If you’re looking for a cool tool, check out Groovylists. And for a great detailed run-through definitely read this Make Use Of article.

  3. Update: Looks like it’s working now. Fully close and restart Chrome and play with Groovebud to your heart’s content.

    I just want to say that this Chrome extenstion is awesome. It takes any phone that can read/scan QR codes (or has a decent mobile browser) and turns it into a mobile remote control for your Grooveshark queue.

    Step 1) Simply download the extension from the Chrome App store.

    Step 2) The next time you open Grooveshark, click on the Groovebud icon in your address bar — a QR code and accompanying link will appear. 

    Step 3) Either scan the QR code with your phone, or type the link into your phone’s browser and voila! You now have remote control of Grooveshark from anywhere in your house. 

    Skip forward or back to songs, and control playing and pausing.

    Having a party and don’t want people changing your music? Lock away your computer and control the music from the palm of your hand! Want to listen to Grooveshark by the pool? Queue up a playlist and you’re in total control.

    Thanks so much to @bengl for developing this extension!

    Note from the developer: This software is alpha. It’s still in development, and as such, things are bound to break. Sorry about that, but I’ll do my best to fix things.

  4. Grooveshark Playlists: 2011


    Hey everyone, just a quick note to say thanks for making the site a success in 2010 - keep the playlists coming in!

    If you have a playlist you want to share outside of Tumblr feel free to post it on Twitter and tag it @groovesharklist and I will post it to the site as well (or add it on the Facebook page)!

    The awesome folks at Grooveshark Playlists giving their love. Let’s keep them growing this year, and rocking out to the awesome daily music share!

    (Source: lamusicaevita)

  5. A few months ago I wrote about Groovylists, a nifty site that helps you import iTunes and Spotify playlists into your Grooveshark account.

    Just this week, Tommie updated the site to now include playlist importing from Last.fm! If you haven’t used it yet, definitely check it out.

  6. A few weeks ago we talked about the awesome site Grooveshark Playlists, that posts very diverse playlists more than every day. Not only does it help us all find new music, but you can even submit a playlist you put together to get featured.

    Recently I discovered that some of our friends over at reddit have made an entire section dedicated to posting and discussing groups of tunes on Grooveshark. The subreddit Grooveshark Playlists doesn’t quite get the same amount of action that my favorite Tumblr does, but it’s still pretty cool—and if you’re a reddit user (like me), it’s doublecool.

  7. From our badass friend down-under Christian Craik come these two awesome new Grooveshark backgrounds.

    And another nifty one:

    Pretty awesome! All sizes: Background 1 and Background 2.