In case you hadn’t heard, our previous winter sale over at the Grooveshark Merch Store ended last week!  Tons of folks got Grooveshark Anywhere and some sweet Grooveshark shirts—and one gal even won a jailbroken iPad with the Grooveshark iOS app preloaded!

As sad as I am for the deal to end, we’ve got something even cooler now: we’re selling each Pickles the Panda t-shirt with a full year of Grooveshark Anywhere. On top of that, we’re giving proceeds from each Pickles shirt to one of our favorite charities, Pandas International

For every shirt sold, we’re going to donate $2 to help buy food, medical equipment, and help birth new pandas all around the world. That means that for $20, you get an awesome Pickles the Panda shirt, a free year of Grooveshark Anywhere, and tons of good karma for helping everyone’s favorite endangered species.