1. Two unrelated thing! Awesome guy Mikkin is wondering if anyone has any great playlists of Bollywood music. Can anyone help him out? Post one! Make one!

    Also, Lachlan made a nifty little Grooveshark cursor that makes the cursor on your computer, well, Grooveshark-ified! Neat!

  2. Last week I randomly discovered a new Tumblr that only posts new, awesome playlists from Grooveshark! Grooveshark Playlists posts all kinds of different genre, mood, and even festival lineup playlists everyday and is definitely worth checking out and following.

    The coolest part is that it is you-friendly, so anyone can go and submit a playlist to be posted to the entire community! AWESOME.

    Go visit! Go submit!  They’re even on Facebook and Twitter so you can get frequent new tunes in your feeds!

  3. Considering a new Grooveshark logo - what do you think?

    Considering a new Grooveshark logo - what do you think?

  4. A puppy attacking a computer because of Grooveshark (via Adsnell2004)

    Are there any other cute pet+Grooveshark instances you know about?

  5. Hopefully you didn’t miss our live-stream announcement today at 4, but in case you did: Grooveshark’s iPhone app is finally available in the App Store!

    We’ve been working laboriously on this app for a long time, and we are really excited to announce what we honestly feel to be one of the best mobile music apps in the market.

    Grooveshark for iPhone gives you access to your playlists, Favorites, search and play any song as well as nifty extras like Offline Caching (for Airplane Mode). 

    What’s next? We’re working on some slick updates like multitasking—and we’ll keep you posted!

    Oh, and if you have downloaded it, please rate it nicely! :)

    UPDATE: The app has been removed.

  6. We stalked ourselves and filmed the entire re-arrangement of the office. What do you think of it? (by Grooveshark)

  7. Thanks, Sharks, for your help posting songs to jam to during Shark Week!  Looks like the head honchos of Shark Week (the Shamans of Shark?) even took notice:

    Awesome! We love Discovery (and most importantly, #SharkWeek!)

  8. It’s our favorite televised time of the year: Shark Week on Discovery!  To help us groove in between nightly doses, we need some song suggestions from you!  Post a song that makes you think of Shark Week, post a Shark Week playlist—anything that helps us celebrate!

    Whatta ya got?

  9. Looking through some old photographs—found this neat sign we still have (somewhere?)!

    Looking through some old photographs—found this neat sign we still have (somewhere?)!

  10. Answering the age-old question: What would happen if Grooveshark and YouTube got in a fight?

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