1. Your Gaming Skills Can Earn You Cash!

    Play Wordy Bird and walk away with some grant money for college!

        Grooveshark strongly believes that work is just as important as play. Luckily, social gaming platform Grantoo has combined the two, allowing students to participate in gaming tournaments to win free tuition money and contribute to charities in the process.

        The tournament we’re sponsoring starts at 9pm (EST) today and features the crossword game Wordy Bird. Check out our site theme above to learn more about how you play your way to earning up as much as $5,000 in free tuition.

    PROTIP:    Check out Grantoo on Facebook & Twitter!

    Love, Gaming, & Free Tution,
    Grooveshark & Grantoo


    Wakarusa!?! Grooveshark?!? Free!?!

        We know you love music. So we’d love to get some free tickets to Wakarusa 2012 in your hands. A quick introduction for the curious, Wakarusa is this sweet four-day Festival at Mulberry Mountain in the Ozarks that kicks off this year on May 31, 2012. Check out the amazing Lineup!

    Here’s How to Win Those Tickets

    - Create a new Grooveshark playlist featuring artists from the Wakarusa lineup.
    - To be able to win, playlists must have at least 20 songs and 5 different artists from the lineup.
    - Get as many people to subscribe to it on Grooveshark as you can.
    - The top two playlists with the most subscribers each win a pair of General Admission tickets to Wakarusa 2012 + a code for 1 year of Grooveshark Anywhere.
    - 5 runner-ups will get a code for 6 months of Grooveshark Anywhere.
    - Fill out the form below so we can let you know if you win!

    For more info on Wakarusa, check out their Facebook page and Twitter.

    Love & Sweet Mountain Jams,
    Grooveshark & Wakarusa

  3. Last week at Grooveshark HQ in Gainesville, we were pleasantly surprised by a special delivery from our friends at StickCore!

    StickCore is a fellow Gainesville-based startup, specializing in web design, and we recently donated some office furniture to help them design in comfort. To say thanks, they donated a delicious cookie cake to our team to help feed the sharks while we work. 

    Dustin, Ty, Dan, Joe, and James with a hungry look in their eye.

    We’ll be giving away tons more furniture to startups in the Gainesville area very soon, so stay tuned—and thanks again to our friends at StickCore! We’re never opposed to surprise deliveries.

  4. A couple days ago we read about some folks who managed to install Android OS on the iPhone.  Just for kicks, we decided to try this out for ourselves—and get the Grooveshark Android app running on the device. It worked!

    Has anyone else tried this?

  5. A favorite band of tons of folks here at the office is Glasgow-founded Belle & Sebastian. Their new record, Write About Love, is coming out this coming Tuesday, October 12—and Grooveshark has an awesome advanced preview of the new record.

    Check it out on Grooveshark. You can see two music videos, an entire episode of Belle TV, and of course, listen to the entirety of the new album before it comes out. We’re super-thrilled about this, and excited to be a part of everything else going on around the release of Write About Love.

    The single:

  6. Thanks to all those who posted up some spirit on Friday for James Hartig’s creation: Grooveshark Day. No words, just pictures of you!

  7. It’s here! Some folks have been posting great pics of them showing their Grooveshark Spirit for today, Grooveshark Day!

    That’s a lot of Grooveshark shirts!

    How are you celebrating?

  8. In case you hadn’t heard, tomorrow, October 1, is Grooveshark Day!  Put together by dear friend of ours, James Hartig, Grooveshark Day is really just a time for everyone to show their spirit and support of Grooveshark however possible.

    Over at Strongsville High School they will be wearing shirts, shades, and other cool activities to celebrate the day.

    We’re flattered by James and all the others out there who make us feel shiny and happy, and we’d love to showcase any- and everyone showing some spirit tomorrow. So wear shirts, make drawings, take photos, videos, or anything else that shows off your love!

  9. Now that’s a Grooveshark fan! The father of our very own Alex, doing a handstand for the shark.

    Now that’s a Grooveshark fan! The father of our very own Alex, doing a handstand for the shark.

  10. We just got a couple nifty new doormats for our office from Meninos!

    Cool enough that we want to give away a couple! Just leave us some Grooveshark love in the comments, and a couple mats will be gifted. 

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