1. It’s Friday and we are celebrating with some new tunes! We are featuring some new artists and new releases to kick off the weekend with! 

    Check out the Featured section on the Explore page as well as the playlist below for a sample of this week’s featured music. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

  2. Today at Grooveshark we are getting ready for the weekend. This means less words and more photos. We have put together a little montage of some truly awesome, recent Grooveshark photos for you all. We saved the best for last. Enjoy!

    Wyclef Jean visited the Grooveshark office in New York today! As you can see from the photo everyone is excited out of their minds.

    One of our sharks sent us a picture of their bunny, Hef, wearing some sweet Grooveshark shades.

    Grooveshark employees are committed.

    D-Roc of the Ying Yang Twins representing Grooveshark in Atlanta today.

    The official Halloween mascot, Catcher. 

    Fanny packs are so back in style!

    Hope you sharks enjoyed our photo montage as much as we did! We enourage anyone to send us pictures of themselves listening to Grooveshark or sporting some Grooveshark gear. Send it to us via Facebook or Twitter. Oh and it’s almost Friday! 

  3. Hey Sharks! Every Friday here at Grooveshark we have a company wide meeting at 4pm eastern time. Everyone looks forward to gathering in the same room and recap the week, talk about goals, new initiatives, favorite foods, exciting events, etc.

    We have decided to shake these meetings up a little bit for us as well as our fans. Starting about three weeks ago we decided that we would implement something that would connect Grooveshark with our listeners. Now, at the end of every company-wide meeting we hold a contest to give one lucky winner a lifetime of Grooveshark Anywhere.

    All you have to do to win is like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We will post and tweet the telephone number to call to be the 50th caller. Once you call, we will get your skype information and call you on skype. (You have to have access to skype to win because we want to be able to see our winner and interact with them face to face.) Here’s a shot of us interacting with last week’s winner, Anthony Ramos! 

    We are really excited about this here at Grooveshark. It is by far everyone’s favorite part of the meeting and we sincerely look forward to connecting with a fellow shark. We hope that you all look out for us every Friday on Facebook and Twitter between 4-5pm eastern time for a chance to win! Happy Friday!

  4. For our Plus and Anywhere Subscribers, we released a new theme this week; James Rizzi has created this super-colorful avian masterpiece for your desktop delight.

    We like to have some fun around the office on Friday — so we do. We’re releasing at least three new shirts in the merch store real soonlike, and decided we’d take a little time and have a real life photoshoot. Big thanks to Rebekah, Rachel, Spenser, and Tilton for coming along for the ride. Here are some of the highlights:

  5. Designer themes? Grooveshark’s got ‘em. Our designers have turned it up to 11 to provide you with some of the grooviest art to compliment your listening experience.

    First, all users will be able to access Groovin’ and Sharkin’. For this theme, we translated one of the works of MarcPaperScissor, a maker of intricate paper-cut pieces, into digital image:

    Premium users will be able to access all these other new themes from the theme selector. The theme selector is located on the right-hand side of the home page, above the queue.

    From James' theme-a-day project, we've got Campfire, which is lovely and subtly detailed, and Chilly Hills:

    Next, from designer Taurean Bryant, we’ve got Cheeter and Tragedy, which strikes me as being creepily beautiful.

    Lastly, our designer Scott has created Circleism. He says, “I was thinking about fractals and tidal waves and wanted to see what it would take to combine the aspects.”

    Enjoy, and have a great weekend.