1.     We have confirmed that the Grooveshark Page and App outage on Facebook was due to a copyright takedown request issued by a foreign entity. As a fellow US-based DMCA-compliant service, Facebook’s copyright notice and takedown process is very similar to Grooveshark’s. We are working with Facebook to reactivate the Grooveshark Page and App in accordance with their process. In fact, this incident has created an even stronger line of communication and cooperation between our two companies. In the meantime, because Grooveshark has never forced users to login using Facebook, all Grooveshark users are still able to login to the Grooveshark website with their email address — see this article for further direction, or to contact our support team with any questions.

        The total impact of the removal of our Facebook app thus far has been minimal, with less than a 1% impact in overall traffic to Grooveshark from this outage.


    UPDATE, 05-13-12: We completed Facebook’s notice, takedown and appeal process for our Facebook Page on Friday, and we’re happy to share that the official Grooveshark Facebook Page has been reinstated. 

  2. Grooveshark’s Facebook app integration and our Facebook page were disabled by Facebook Saturday afternoon. We believe they were disabled in error and we are in communication with Facebook to try to understand exactly what’s going on, so we hope to see a resolution to these problems soon.

    Unfortunately, this means that some users are currently unable to login to Grooveshark with Facebook. But never fear! We released a fix around 4 a.m. Sunday allowing Facebook users to login to their Grooveshark account with their email address.* If you have any trouble logging in, please read this guide.
*Please note that automatically publishing plays to your Facebook Timeline is also down while this integration is disabled.

    We are working hard to fix the problem as quickly as possible so you can get back to enjoying your music. If you have any technical or account-related concerns or questions, please don’t hesitate to email us at support@grooveshark.com.


    UPDATE, 05-13-12: We’re happy to share that the official Grooveshark Facebook Page has been reinstated. Full update here.

  3. Share Music, Show You Care

            For 2012’s holiday of love, Samsung is presenting Grooveshark users an innovatively expressive way to share heart-felt music with those they cherish through Facebook widgets with considerate, personalized messages.

    A preview of Samsung’s spiffy Valentine’s Day theme

    Your Love, in a Facebook Widget

            Use Samsung’s Share a Love Note widget to leave songs on the Facebook walls of those you adore. It takes only a click to get your beloved gushing with emotion at the songs you think are just right for them.

    Click “Get Started” to bring up the Widget-O-Love sharing window.

    Presenting the Widget-O-Love as it will appear to your lucky recipients

    Samsung Offers Playlists from the Heart

            You can also let your significant others know what playlists get you thinking about your feelings for them by sharing playlists from the Samsung’s Valentine’s Day Playlist Channel.

    Every love needs a soundtrack — let Samsung & Grooveshark help you find yours.

    Draw Your Feelings - Get Creative!

            Click the Samsung GALAXY Note on the theme to open an interactive screen where you draw notes with the virtual stylus. Have fun with it — make it a surprise by leaving messages for your loved one to find on their Grooveshark home screen!

    Look at that sexy device. Phone? Tablet? It’s GALAXY Note!

    Grooveshark & Samsung

  4. Since it’s Friday, we figured less is more. Less words, more pictures! Our DeLuna Fest pictures and video came in today and we wanted to share them with you as promised!

    The video is an incredible way to take in the entire weekend and festival. You can feel the energy, hear the music and feel the fun… Enjoy!

    We have some incredible photos of employees, fans, attendees, artists, crowds and the Grooveshark stage. If you weren’t able to meet us this past weekend, you can experience the festival through our pictures. If you were there, keep a lookout.. you might be in our album!

    To view our album on Facebook click here!

    Video and all photos courtesy of Alexia Johnson.

  5. Hey Sharks! Every Friday here at Grooveshark we have a company wide meeting at 4pm eastern time. Everyone looks forward to gathering in the same room and recap the week, talk about goals, new initiatives, favorite foods, exciting events, etc.

    We have decided to shake these meetings up a little bit for us as well as our fans. Starting about three weeks ago we decided that we would implement something that would connect Grooveshark with our listeners. Now, at the end of every company-wide meeting we hold a contest to give one lucky winner a lifetime of Grooveshark Anywhere.

    All you have to do to win is like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter. We will post and tweet the telephone number to call to be the 50th caller. Once you call, we will get your skype information and call you on skype. (You have to have access to skype to win because we want to be able to see our winner and interact with them face to face.) Here’s a shot of us interacting with last week’s winner, Anthony Ramos! 

    We are really excited about this here at Grooveshark. It is by far everyone’s favorite part of the meeting and we sincerely look forward to connecting with a fellow shark. We hope that you all look out for us every Friday on Facebook and Twitter between 4-5pm eastern time for a chance to win! Happy Friday!

  6. Another Wednesday, another release from Grooveshark. This release features a lot of behind-the-scenes fixes that should make Grooveshark perform like a bosshark. There are two features of note, however, that we think you should know about.

    First, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made it easy for you to find your Facebook friends on Grooveshark! Now, when you connect to Facebook, we offer you the ability to find your other Groovy friends!

    If you’ve never linked your Grooveshark and Facebook accounts before, the option should pop up when you connect for the first time. If you’re already connected, you can find your friends by opening up your Account menu, choosing Settings and then Third Party Settings, and clicking the ‘Find Friends’ button. Check it out:

    Second, we’ve added an ‘Extras’ section to the Account menu. This page highlights some of the lesser-known features of Grooveshark. At the moment, all of the features listed here are for Plus and Anywhere subscribers only, but we’ll be adding more extras in the future!

    Oh, and Twitter Sharing works again . More awesome coming soon! 

    Questions, comments, suggestions, pictures of cats? Spam our Facebook Wall, Tweet @GroovesharkHelp, or say hello to us on the /r/Grooveshark Subreddit.

  7. Found this in the Fan Photos section of our Facebook Page. Awesome!

    Found this in the Fan Photos section of our Facebook Page. Awesome!

  8. Just added for testing to Grooveshark Preview: Facebook Connect! It’ll now let you—if you choose—automatically post songs to Facebook that you Favorite on Grooveshark.

    You can also tell your friends whenever you start a new playlist!

    The cool thing is that when you connect, it’ll doublecheck to see if any of your Facebook friends have Grooveshark accounts—and give you the chance to pick whose music you wanna follow on Grooveshark. So give it a go on Grooveshark Preview.