1. Update: Looks like it’s working now. Fully close and restart Chrome and play with Groovebud to your heart’s content.

    I just want to say that this Chrome extenstion is awesome. It takes any phone that can read/scan QR codes (or has a decent mobile browser) and turns it into a mobile remote control for your Grooveshark queue.

    Step 1) Simply download the extension from the Chrome App store.

    Step 2) The next time you open Grooveshark, click on the Groovebud icon in your address bar — a QR code and accompanying link will appear. 

    Step 3) Either scan the QR code with your phone, or type the link into your phone’s browser and voila! You now have remote control of Grooveshark from anywhere in your house. 

    Skip forward or back to songs, and control playing and pausing.

    Having a party and don’t want people changing your music? Lock away your computer and control the music from the palm of your hand! Want to listen to Grooveshark by the pool? Queue up a playlist and you’re in total control.

    Thanks so much to @bengl for developing this extension!

    Note from the developer: This software is alpha. It’s still in development, and as such, things are bound to break. Sorry about that, but I’ll do my best to fix things.

  2. We just released a new Grooveshark extension, thanks to Groove-minnow James Hartig. Right now, if you already have Grooveshark open and then someone shares a song with you, it will open up another tab of Grooveshark, load the site, then start playing the tune. This makes it so that the song will open up in the instance of Grooveshark you already have running.

    Here’s how it works:

    Make it so song links sent to you will always open in your browser—in one single tab. Already have Grooveshark open? Click a song link, and it’ll pull up the tune in the tab which is already running the site.   If you’re a VIP, you can also specify whether you prefer Preview, or regular ol’ Grooveshark.

    VIPs also have the option to make song links open Grooveshark Desktop.  Whenever someone shares a Grooveshark song link with you through email, IM, Twitter or anywhere else, it’ll open up the song right in Grooveshark Desktop—rather than opening a new tab in your browser. Note: make sure you have GSHelper installed and running.

    Try it out!



    Safari (direct download link)