1. Our Music Spotlight this week is up-and-coming DJ & producer, Draper. His work is designed to engage and embrace a range of genres through original creations in tandem with a string of prolific remixes – laden with a unique, liquidstep style of production. We had a chance to chat with Draper about his music and recommendations for other musicians.

    Grooveshark: Who is your dream collaboration?

    Draper: Sigur Ros, I think that would be such fun! They’re wizards of sound.

    GS: What do you think is the most overused audio technique today?

    D: Definitely risers/pitch fx that lead up to the ‘drop,’ I have a lot of admiration for tracks that have an effective impact from the chorus without using those ‘tricks.’

    GS: What is your favorite product you can’t live without?

    D: Definitely my desktop computer, it’s a beast that I spend far too much time on (mainly making music) and wherever it is, is home.  

    GS: How did you get involved with Grooveshark and why do you use it?

    D: I got involved with Grooveshark a few years ago, it’s a really powerful tool for finding new music easily and creating playlists for yourself and others to enjoy.

    GS: If you could give one tip to artists starting out right now, what would it be?

    D: Take your time, you can hear when music is rushed, the best tracks are sometimes the simplest but time has gone into refining each element into the perfect sound for that track.

    You can listen to Draper today in a Re-Broadcast playlist at 1pm EST on the Electro ▲ Chill Broadcast.

  2. With only a few hours left of 2011, we thought the best way to kick off the new year is with music! 

    Best of 2011 lists are buzzing all over the internet, so we wanted to put our spin on the year’s end and share our glimpse of the future. We picked 12 artists we believe are going to have great year. The list was a tough one to narrow down, and the artists are in no particular order. 

    Without further adieu, Grooveshark presents: 12 Acts For 2012!

    1. Kids These Days

    2011 has been a tremendous year for Kids These Days. This group of young funksters have already played Lollapolooza and SXSW, gaining admiration of many heavy hitters in the music industry. Their Hard Times EP is an incredibly catchy start to an exciting career. Keep an eye out early this year for the release of their first full length album, produced by the legendary Jeff Tweedy of Wilco.

    2. Action Bronson

    Action Bronson spent 2011 tearing up the underground hip-hop scene as a prelude to mixtapes and another full length studio album coming in 2012. Bronson, a retired chef, is known both for his savory food and delectable rhymes. We’re most excited for his recently announced mixtape entitled “Blue Chips”, which will be in collaboration with MPC all-star and recent Fools Gold signee, Party Supplies.

    3. Amtrac

    With the recent drop of his first full-length album “Came Along” in 2011, the future is bright for 24-year-old Caleb Cornett’s solo career as Amtrac. With sensational reviews under his belt, 2011 proved to be a successful year as he shared the stage with some extremely popular acts and landed a music video on MTV. Drawing comparisons from Calvin Harris, you can catch Amtrac singing on a lot of his original tracks. If you find yourself planning a trip to Miami, we highly recommend a weekend when he’s spinning!

    4. Alabama Shakes

    Alabama Shakes found overnight success with their heartfelt blues rock sound that has been pegged by some as “artistic purity”. While it may be a heavy crown for such a new band, they were recently signed to ATO Records. We are waiting anxiously for the release of their full length album coming April 2012.

    5. Nikki Lane

    Nikki Lane is equal parts fashion and western youth. When she’s not performing, she runs her own vintage boot store in Nashville. Nikki recently released her full length album, Walk of Shame, which has attracted attention from Vogue and NPR.

    6. Black Light Dinner Party

    Not much is known to date about Black Light Dinner Party, except that their smash singles of 2011, “Older Together”, “Small Boxes”, and “Gold Chain”, leave us greatly anticipating new work from them in 2012.  

    7. Porter Robinson

    You’ve probably seen Porter Robinson on Grooveshark as we’ve been a huge fan of his for quite some time. With a huge rise in 2011, fresh off his chart-topping Spitfire EP and national tour with the legendary Tiesto, the 19-year-old EDM prodigy is poised to have a huge impact on the scene in 2012 under his new label, Skrillex’s OWSLA. 

    8. Asher Roth

    Asher Roth's December 2011 release of “Pabst & Jazz”, featuring collaborations with everyone from Chuck Inglish to Pac Div to Casey Veggies, introduced the world to a more mature and dynamic Asher, rapping more about the state of hip-hop in his uniquely nonchalant and laid-back style that begs to be played on repeat in your car stereo for weeks. Expect 2012 to be a huge year for Asher with more of the same kind of refreshingly innovative music and release of a full length studio album.

    9. Born Gold

    Canadian pop experimentalists Born Gold, formerly Gobble Gobble, have been keeping underground Canada weird for the past several years. Come 2012, expect to hear a lot more from this noise-pop band. The band’s latest release, “Body Songs”, has been grabbing attention from the likes of MTV, Forbes, and Brooklyn Vegan. Born Gold has spent most of 2011 on tour with some of the hottest breakthrough acts including Washed Out, Candy Claws, and BRAIDS. Snagging several features in year-end “Best Of” lists and kicking off 2012 on tour with up-and-comer Grimes, this futuristic band is certainly one to keep your eye on for 2012. 

    10. Purity Ring

    While electro and dubstep continue to reign in the pop-world, Canadian duo Megan James and Corin Roddick, of Purity Ring, create a different twist on the movement with this experimental project. The first single from the project, “Ungirthed”, managed to wiggle its way into several notable blogs and press outlets throughout the year including GQ, Gorilla v. Bear, and Brooklyn Vegan. The hype around the group continued to build throughout 2011, following the highly-anticipated release of “Belispeak on Split 7” with Braids. As the year comes to a close, the group is finding the project’s hard work paying off, with features in some of the most influential year-end lists, including NPR and Pitchfork. Full length release and national tours are expected for the group in 2012, and we can’t wait!

    11. Rich Aucoin

    Rich Aucoin is definitely a favorite around the Grooveshark office. At any point in the day you can catch someone jamming out to his infectious tunes. Are we biased because he absolutely rocked our holiday party in Gainesville? Yes. But that doesn’t take away from the fact he just released an incredible new album and puts on one of the best live shows we’ve ever seen. If given the chance Rich could solve all of the worlds problems with music, dance, lights, confetti, and your 4th Grade P.E. teachers gym parachute.

    rich by Zach Koche on Grooveshark

    12. The Tenant

    The Tenant seamlessly combines dreamy, dense sonic landscapes and introspective lyrics. The group has an indie pop sensibility and a keen eye on the dance floor. Their new EP is dropping in early February with an expected tour to follow, including dates at SXSW. We think this next release is going to be a hit.

    singles by Zach Koche on Grooveshark


    Thanks for taking this trip into the future with us. Make sure to keep up with all of these artists on Facebook and Twitter so you’re not left in the dust of the Delorean!

    Love & Music,


  3. Happy Monday! We have a brand-new lineup of the best emerging artists this week on Breakthrough Radio- and this week’s theme is electro music that has a fun, summer feel. We’ve given you a breakdown of each of them below, so go check ‘em out!

    If you haven’t been listening to Breakthrough Radio yet, go take a listen. We’ll be updating you every two weeks with the latest and greatest up and coming artists.


    With influences ranging from Genesis to Jamiroquai, Chromeo to ELO, Daft Punk to Hall and Oats; there is no genre left uncharted with Bosley. Twelve years into his versatile music career, Bosley still has the same zest and enthusiasm for his work as he did in the beginning. “Whether it’s producing and writing with other artists or cultivating my own brand of newfound artistry, I’m ready for the world.” 


    Chris Upton is a Los Angeles based, electric bass player, and music producer. He started playing drums at the age of thirteen while growing up listening to the sounds of punk and hardcore. By the time Chris was seventeen, he had made the switch to bass. After a period of playing in punk, and hardcore bands, Chris decided to attend Musicians Institute in Los Angeles to focus on his music studies. While at school Chris also learned to play piano and keys/synths. His love for pop,  old motown, indie rock, and electronic music has directly influenced how he approaches all of his bass and production work.


    ChokoDiscoManiac is an electro-funky trio composed by Michele Clivati (singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and remixer) and Michele Magris (drummer, songwriter, producer and remixer) and Cristian Milani (sound engineer, mastering engineer, producer, guitarist, songwriter and remixer -www.cristianmilani.com).

    Kitten Berry Crunch 

    What do you do after your LA synth-rock band of 8 years breaks up? If you’re Shaun Hettinger you start an 80’s-loving synth-happy project with your cat Nico, move to Brooklyn, record at DFA Records, play at SXSW 2011, & prepare to release your album


    Suntalk is a band that formed in early 2010 through Indabamusic.com between Raanan Adler (guitarist/producer) and Jacoby Jennings (vocalist/songwriter). Raanan, who is originally from Israel began recording instrumental demos, Raanan heard some of Jacoby’s demos online (who currently resides in Austin, Texas) and decided to take a chance and send him a demo he had been working on. The two musicians found they shared similar influences and a similar vision of what they wanted to sound like. 

    Click here to launch Breakthrough Radio!

    Indaba has just updated the Breakthrough Radio playlist with three awesome new artists this week. Check ‘em out here.