GAINESVILLE, FL, August 6, 2013 — Today Grooveshark announced the signing of settlement and licensing agreements with EMI Music Publishing. The agreements, the terms of which are confidential, resolve all matters and disputes between Grooveshark and EMI Music Publishing to their mutual satisfaction.

"We’re excited with this development," said Sam Tarantino, Grooveshark’s CEO and co-founder, who noted that “Grooveshark is taking the same steps YouTube did in its early evolution from a startup to becoming a core part of a content creator’s social distribution and marketing mix.”

According to Music & Copyright research by Informa, EMI Music Publishing was the second largest music publisher with songs accounting for almost 20% revenue market share for 2012, the most recent full calendar year. In addition, EMI Music Publishing artists regularly account for greater than 20% of the songs on Billboard’s Top 100.

Grooveshark licenses content from thousands of artists, publishers, labels and distributors on a regular basis.  Interested content creators are encouraged to contact or visit to benefit from Grooveshark’s open artist distribution platform.


About Grooveshark

Founded in 2006, Grooveshark is an open artist distribution platform with more than 30 million monthly active users leveraging technology to discover and grow the world’s most talented artists. Our service has pioneered music streaming and search, web artist promotion, as well as fan data analysis; and now is re-inventing the broadcast radio industry by empowering anyone to create a worldwide radio show with a single click.

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