1. We know we’ve had trouble this week, and for that we’re really sorry! Between not loading, giving stream errors, and unexpected downtime we really feel like jerks.

    But fret not—we are working very, very hard to make the problems go away. Just a few moments ago, we realized Pickles the Panda was throwing a dance party in our server room, which caused most of the issues so far!

    More updates soon, and in the meantime, let’s blame Pickles!

  2. It’s that time of the year again—not Christmas in July, but when Grooveshark gets a lot better by going offline for a few hours to update our servers. As much as we don’t want to deprive you of music (at all), it is sometimes necessary, and we’re making our best effort to minimize the hours we’ll be down. 

    So: on Saturday from 10:30 PM to 6 AM (EST) we will be sitting in our data center, updating servers.

    And: entertaining you! The entire time we’ll be live-video-streaming just in case you have nothing else to do. What do you want to see? Aside from NSFW stuff, what can we do to entertain you? Comment!