1. A couple of months ago, Grooveshark and Mad Decent came together to give you all a chance to remix Diplo's “Horsey”, a track off his new project, Mad Decent Vo. 1. Five remixes were chosen to be featured alongside the original track. We are exclusively releasing them today, just to make your Monday a little bit more musical!

    The remix EP can be found exclusively on this sweet new site theme shown above on GroovesharkClick here to listen to Diplo's “Horsey” remixed by Lazerdisk Party Sex, Fordinho, Sonora, Sparklefoxxx, and Far East!

    Congratulations to all the winners! Thank you for participating and we hope that you all check out the original and remixed tracks on Grooveshark. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

  2. One of our very favorite artists and world-renowned DJs, Diplo, stopped by the Grooveshark Headquarters in Gainesville today! We’re huge fans of Diplo and we were thrilled to hang out with him before his show tonight. 

    Diplo hanging with some sharks in the Grooveshark kitchen.

    Chef by day… DJ by night?

  3. Since it’s Friday, we figured less is more. Less words, more pictures! Our DeLuna Fest pictures and video came in today and we wanted to share them with you as promised!

    The video is an incredible way to take in the entire weekend and festival. You can feel the energy, hear the music and feel the fun… Enjoy!

    We have some incredible photos of employees, fans, attendees, artists, crowds and the Grooveshark stage. If you weren’t able to meet us this past weekend, you can experience the festival through our pictures. If you were there, keep a lookout.. you might be in our album!

    To view our album on Facebook click here!

    Video and all photos courtesy of Alexia Johnson.

  4. Hey Sharks! In honor of Mad Decent releasing “Mad Decent Vo. 1”, Grooveshark and Mad Decent are coming together to allow fans the chance to remix Diplo's track “Horsey”, one of the songs off of the new album!

    If your remix is one of the three lucky winners, your mix will be on an Exclusive (FREE) EP on Grooveshark alongside the original version of ‘Horsey’ and you’ll receive a surprise Mad Decent prize package! The contest begins today and ends November 10th. 

    Diplo and the Mad Decent team have always been innovators of new sounds, and we’re excited to hear how DJs, remixers, and producers around the world will put their own personal flavors on this new record,” said Blaise DeAngelo, Director of Artist Relations at Grooveshark

    To enter the “Horsey” Remix Contest:

    1. Download the stems for “Horsey” here.

    2. Remix.

    3. Once you’ve finished your remix, upload it to Soundcloud and add it to the ‘Horsey Remix Contest’ group here!

    Have fun remixing and good luck!

  5. Grooveshark is so excited to be spending the weekend in Pensacola, FL at DeLuna Fest! We believe in working hard and playing hard and this weekend we will be doing both.

    Grooveshark will have our very own stage featuring incredible artists including Quiet Company, Ladytron, Diplo, The Hood Internet, Grouplove and many more. 

    We will also have an orange Grooveshark tent with people giving out Grooveshark swag and free water. There will be three water stations around the festival where sharks will be handing out water for free! We are the only people at DeLuna Fest that will be giving out free water so be on the lookout. It’s important to stay hydrated!

    We will be meeting with different bands and musicians throughout the weekend, so look out for great pictures and contests on Facebook and Twitter! For now, we would like for you to enjoy some pictures of our Sharks working at DeLuna Fest so far! Enjoy…

    Here is some of the awesome Grooveshark swag that we will be giving away!

    How about those sweet sweatbands? Gotta stay dry!

    If you are at the festival we would love for you to come by, hang out and say hi! We hope you all have had an awesome Friday and have a great weekend. We will be updating after DeLuna Fest to give you a recap of all the weekend fun!