1. In case you didn’t know that you can enjoy your entire music library on your mobile browser, well then we are here to bring you some very good news.

    Android 2.3+ and iOS5+ mobile browsers.

    Head to Grooveshark.com on your mobile browser, Sign In to your Grooveshark account, and instantly gain access to all of your Playlists, Favorites, and your entire music collection. 


    1. While at work/school, fantasize about an amazing road trip.
    2. When your boss/teacher isn’t looking, head to Grooveshark.com and create an amazing Playlist for fantasy road-trip.
    3. Next vacation, take a road trip and play amazing Playlist from your mobile browser while driving.
    4. Enjoy the satisfaction of living out a fantasy.




  2. We made a promise to ourselves to deliver music to the world and we are proud to say that we have now become the first music company on the planet to allow instant global access to streaming on-demand music, without the use of an app. All over the world Grooveshark users can now hop onto Grooveshark.com on their iOS and Android browsers and get instant access to their Playlists, Favorites, and their entire music catalog. 

    Not yet available in: UK, France, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Indonesia, China, Brazil, and Canada.

    Happy Listening, 


  3. If you haven’t already heard from Mashable, then we are certainly ecstatic to be the first to let you know that there is a brand new way for you to enjoy all the Grooveshark tunes you love. Long weeks, sleepless nights, and copious amounts of caffeine have given birth to our browser-based HTML5 web-app. Your personal playlists, genre stations, and the rest of your favorite Grooveshark features are all accessible simply by going to Grooveshark.com on your mobile browser.  Happy Listening :-)

    Grooveshark mobile free html5 browser