1. Kelly and the Hermanos - They’re as Awesome as They Look

        One of the many benefits of working directly with artists is that we’re exposed to an incredibly diverse range of unique musical styles and talent. One particularly awesome band of musicians, Kelly and the Hermanos, set aside time from gearing up for their May 26th album release show in NYC to grace us with a live performance this past Friday (5/11) in Grooveshark’s New York Office. Their particular brand of music? A “soundscape of an old timey western, wrought with love, despair and adventurous action that just happens to take place underwater.” The band has spent the last year recording their aptly named debut album “Underwater Western” and performing across the Northeast. We were thrilled to hear that the band uses Grooveshark to help stoke the fires that fuel their creative process.

    “Grooveshark has been a great way for the band to bring our different musical tastes together. Every time we hang out we’ve got it up on the computer making playlists that combine each of the band members favorite music, from old country songs to indie rock and pop music. This in turn helps develop our sound based on the mixture of the music we enjoy to create something that is the sum of all our loves.”
    –Kelly & The Hermanos 

        We know they’re excited to share their new album with the Grooveshark Community, so if you find yourself in or around New York City on May 26, make your way over to the Rockwood Music Hall for the “Underwater Western” release party and show them some love from the Sharks.

        Of course, no story on a live performance would be complete without pictures! Check them out below. :)


    Love & Sweet Underwater Westerns,

  2. Grooveshark in Every Language!

    You’re not dreaming. Grooveshark Community Team’s dapper duo is asking for you.

        We love music. Seriously. We really, really love music. More importantly, and the reason why you’re reading this now, is we realize that the love of music is absolutely, most certainly not limited to English speakers. Every speaker of every language deserves an accessible source of awesome music. Our response to this notion?

    Nothing Is Stronger than Community

        In order to translate all of Grooveshark to as many languages as possible, we’re calling upon the awesome community of Grooveshark users. We’re also offering some sweet incentives for participation:

    • After you’ve submitted 100 approved translation suggestions, email translate@grooveshark.com and you’ll get a free month of Grooveshark Anywhere! You can track this by clicking “My Account” at the top right of the translation site while logged in.
    • After 400 total approved suggestions we’ll add an additional three months.
    • Of course, we’re growing this awesome project together with the community, so we have plans to add higher tier rewards and/or make it a sweeter deal for participants once we have a better idea how many people become involved. :)

    List-O-Languages Needing Multilingual Attention

    Steps to Get Started!

    1.    If you don’t already have one, go to the Grooveshark Translate page to register a username, preferrably using your Grooveshark username.
    2.  Write a short 2-3 sentence sample for each language you’re proficient in. Make it funny if you’d like — we love jokes.
    3.    Email the written samples and your Grooveshark Translate username to translate@grooveshark.com (be sure to let us know your Grooveshark username if it’s different from your translate username).
    4.  Kick back and relax! (You can, however, expect a response fairly quickly)

    Love & Multiple Language Compatibility,
    Grooveshark & the Dapper Duo

    Edit:  Fixed/added to “List-O-Languages Needing Multilingual Attention” section.

  3. After months of everyone at the shark tank working ‘round the clock to bring you a brand new user experience, we’re extremely excited to bring you all a complete redesign of Grooveshark! The all-new Grooveshark has arrived—a sleeker, more seamless experience with a powerful combination of streaming music and social networking

    Music is a universal language that inspires and connects people around the globe, and the Internet is a natural pathway for people to find more music they love. We understand the importance of discovering and sharing music with friends, and the redesign makes Grooveshark an efficient place to do both! In addition to improvements in speed, appearance, and navigation, the new Grooveshark places a heavy emphasis on social media sharing and community features that complement tighter integrations with third-party social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Last.fm and Reddit.   

    Key features and upgrades of the new Grooveshark include:

    •  A new Explore section that enables the discovery of music through a Featured Artist section, quick access to new releases and completely redesigned, genre-based Radio Stations!

    •  A Community section that allows users to follow and interact with tastemakers and friends while discovering more music tailored to their tastes that can be shared with the entire community through improved drag-and-drop functionality. This is a great place to see what everyone is listening to, find the good stuff and pass it off as your own discovery!

    • Artist and user profile pages that allow fans to follow and interact with their favorite artists, discover mutual tastes, or follow what their friends are listening to. Find your friends and see what everyone is listening to! Just watch out for your Mom commenting on your latest dirty rap playlist… there’s a privacy setting for that!

    • System-wide ability to comment on activities and events, reduced advertising intrusion, and more prominent event listings for quick access to information about concerts and music festivals all over the world!

    • The ability to instantly transform your Current Songs to a music video Playlist without ever leaving Grooveshark!

    And for all the artists out there: beginning today, you can login at http://artists.grooveshark.com to verify your tracks and start interacting with your fans! 

    Check out the redesign and let us know what you think! We’re really proud of the new site, and we hope you all love it as much as we do. Head to Grooveshark.com right now to start connecting with your friends and favorite artists!

  4. We love when sharks out there make cool add-ons to Grooveshark and share them with the community. In the past we’ve talked about Groovylists: a sweet service that lets you import playlists from iTunes, Spotify, and Last.fm into Grooveshark playlists.

    Recently, the folks over at Make Use Of took note of how awesome Groovylists is and wrote a cool round-up of all its, well, use.

    Other reasons might include practicality – Grooveshark only requires a compatible web browser, as opposed to a software download. If you’re after your tunes then all you’ll need to do is log in via the web interface and click My Music.

    If you fancy giving Grooveshark a go but can’t face losing your carefully planned playlists then Groovylists can probably help you out.

    If you’re looking for a cool tool, check out Groovylists. And for a great detailed run-through definitely read this Make Use Of article.

  5. bwc:

My favorite user-posted pic on the Grooveshark Facebook ever.

"Just so you know, I rep Grooveshark while I dance with a fake mustache." 


    My favorite user-posted pic on the Grooveshark Facebook ever.

    "Just so you know, I rep Grooveshark while I dance with a fake mustache." 


  6. Update: Looks like it’s working now. Fully close and restart Chrome and play with Groovebud to your heart’s content.

    I just want to say that this Chrome extenstion is awesome. It takes any phone that can read/scan QR codes (or has a decent mobile browser) and turns it into a mobile remote control for your Grooveshark queue.

    Step 1) Simply download the extension from the Chrome App store.

    Step 2) The next time you open Grooveshark, click on the Groovebud icon in your address bar — a QR code and accompanying link will appear. 

    Step 3) Either scan the QR code with your phone, or type the link into your phone’s browser and voila! You now have remote control of Grooveshark from anywhere in your house. 

    Skip forward or back to songs, and control playing and pausing.

    Having a party and don’t want people changing your music? Lock away your computer and control the music from the palm of your hand! Want to listen to Grooveshark by the pool? Queue up a playlist and you’re in total control.

    Thanks so much to @bengl for developing this extension!

    Note from the developer: This software is alpha. It’s still in development, and as such, things are bound to break. Sorry about that, but I’ll do my best to fix things.

  7. In today’s crazy/awesome/random videos out there in the wild, here’s a video showing anyone who has ever wondered how to register for a Grooveshark account. In detail.

  8. Thanks to all those who posted up some spirit on Friday for James Hartig’s creation: Grooveshark Day. No words, just pictures of you!

  9. It’s here! Some folks have been posting great pics of them showing their Grooveshark Spirit for today, Grooveshark Day!

    That’s a lot of Grooveshark shirts!

    How are you celebrating?

  10. In case you hadn’t heard, tomorrow, October 1, is Grooveshark Day!  Put together by dear friend of ours, James Hartig, Grooveshark Day is really just a time for everyone to show their spirit and support of Grooveshark however possible.

    Over at Strongsville High School they will be wearing shirts, shades, and other cool activities to celebrate the day.

    We’re flattered by James and all the others out there who make us feel shiny and happy, and we’d love to showcase any- and everyone showing some spirit tomorrow. So wear shirts, make drawings, take photos, videos, or anything else that shows off your love!

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