1. Earlier today Grooveshark had some problems that you might have experienced while listening to music. Our very own Colin Hostert was nice enough to sit down and explain a bit about what happened.

    We use two pieces of software on each of our webservers. One does all the hard work and runs all the backend code (Apache), the other efficiently servers up static content and caches code that rarely changes (Nginx).

    The caching software has a set amount of space to store all the data it needs to serve up the cached content. Up until today 1GB was more than enough to keep things humming and we couldnt imagine ever filling it up. Now we can imagine filling it up easily. We are still trying to figure out what exactly caused it to suddenly fill up, but we increased it to four times the original size, and decreased how long we cache stuff for. In addition we are taking every step possible so that the machines will email us and text us threatening things if this ever starts to get full again.

    Trust us, we know how much not having your playlists for a few hours can suck—we suffer along with you, since we don’t have any music to play while working hard to fix it!  Sorry again about the hiccup, and serious thanks to Nate, Ed , Myke, and Travis for the help in getting it all fixed today.

     tl;dr -  Cache filled up, wont happen again.

  2. You guys know that we are working hard to fix the things that piss you off have been problematic in the new Grooveshark. A lot of updates have been made, but among them:

    • Anyone with a space in their password was unable to login because of the app wanting to take control of the spacebar for player controls can now, uh, login again. 
    • Scrobbling from Grooveshark has been updated to support the updates that Last.fm made recently to how music services (like us!) submit tunes you play over to your Last.fm account. 
    • A bug that forced users to log in immediately after signing up for a Grooveshark account is no more. 

    I should also mention that we’ve started a new release protocol for updates to Grooveshark, so it’ll be a lot easier for us to let you know exactly what’s been changed. Starting now!

    Oh, and while we were updating, we decided to throw up a nifty new holiday theme.

    Screen shot 2010-12-16 at 3.15.07 AM

    Enjoy, and don’t forget to find some good holiday playlists!

  3. Last week we released a patch to the Grooveshark Android app. Here’s what changed:

    • Fixed a bug that would crash the app if you lost connection while downloading songs to the Offline Cache
    • When editing a playlist, you can’t accidentally click a song and have it play now
    • A few null pointer exceptions & illegal argument exceptions
    • Fixed an issue with clearing out previously-read notifications

    We also just posted an update to the Grooveshark iPhone app that fixed a bug causing the app to crash when some users went to Settings.

    We know there are still some bugs with the apps—particularly some iPhone crashing issues—so if you’re still having problems, please let me know by commenting with which device you have, what version of the OS, and what’s causing the crash!

  4. Grooveshark Artists: Campaign Issues: Your Performance Doesn't Need Improvement


    For those artists running campaigns on Grooveshark Artists and receiving this message from Grooveshark, please keep in mind that this is not a true reflection of your campaign and disregard your Performance level. Your performance on Grooveshark doesn’t need improvement! We are not…

  5. So in all the noise this week about Grooveshark for iPhone, a few of you have been worried we might forget about our Android app. What say us? BAH!

    We released an update to Grooveshark for Android, version 2.0.6.  So what’s new?

    • App can start with no connectivity or in airplane mode - so you don’t have to be connected to get to your Offline Songs!
    • Fixed a player bug in 2.2 (Froyo).
    • If you are running Android 2.2 on your phone, you can now install or move the app to an SD card.
    • Playlists load more quickly, and scrolling should be smoother.
    • Other bugs!

    So make sure you update, and we’ll all keep grooving mobile!

  6. We fixed a few bugs in the mobile apps this week, and wanted to let you know!

    The biggest (for those affected) is the fix for E72 Nokia phones, where attempting to play *any* song would cause a ghoulish, annoying, dog-angering whine. Our bad!

    For BlackBerry, we updated the About screen so that it tells you the version number of the app when you open it up. It’ll help us track bugs specific to releases, and give you the info you need.

    There is a patch for Android coming real quick: not only will it speed up playlist performance, but it should also fix the “Unknown Media Player Error” you might’ve received.