1. Last night we released a big update for Grooveshark Android that fixed a bunch of bugs, launched a bunch of new features, and will hopefully make all our Android friends very happy.  Here’s what changed:

    Subscribed playlists - You can listen not only to playlists you’ve made, but ones you’ve Favorited while using Grooveshark.

    Genre Radio - If you *really* don’t know what to listen to, we’ve added a bunch of Radio stations created by genre. Pick one and go.

    User stations - You can save a Radio session as a playlist and come back to it.

    Repeat Options - Repeat a single song, or an entire queue.

    Queue is remembered across app restarts - The songs in your queue will remain there, even if you restart your phone/app.

    Last.fm scrobbling support. I don’t think I have to explain this one to you fans out there. :)

    Bluetooth support for play, pause, next and previous song controls.

    Bugs We Fixed:

    Playlists will now sync!

    Wifi-only songs are now playable over cellular networks, if you like.

    Using Shuffle won’t cause the app to crash anymore!

    Fewer  "Lost connection to Grooveshark" messages, and significantly saved battery. 

    QueueService (the player code) now manages its life-cycle properly, and shuts down when not in use.

    Removed the Quit button—it’s not needed anymore.
 The app frees background resources when a the last song queued plays, or the current song is paused.
 Quitting the app now happens when the phone’s home button or back button are pressed enough.

    Now Playing didn’t always clear when the app wasn’t in use; this is fixed.

    After a force close, sometimes songs wouldn’t play and the “Unknown
Media Player”  error was displayed; this has been fixed.

    For some Android phones, music would stop playing when the app went into the background; this has been fixed.

    Skipping between songs frequently would eventually cause the app to hang and force close.
 Not anymore!

    After favoriting or unfavoriting a song in Now Playing, the song’s state was not updated in any widgets—and vice versa. This has been fixed.

    After an extended period of no use, pressing play from widgets 
wouldn’t start the last song; this has been fixed.

    Offline Song Fixes

    Now stops and starts when needed which saves battery.

    It prevents the phone from sleeping while any downloads are queued or active—so they won’t fail.

    Songs being downloaded to Offline Songs during a connectivity transition (e.g. 3g to wifi) will seamlessly download the song.

    Phew! Any questions?

  2. Just released BlackBerry v1.1.11 (yes, that many 1’s).  Our BlackBerry Badass, Dale, says:

    Just a quick release to fix a couple of annoying bugs.  Fetching a list
    of songs (from an album, playlist, etc.) will now retry if it fails
    the first time.  This seems to help when the app gets an incomplete
    response from the API (due to network connection problems, for example).

    Getting album artwork is also a little more efficient now, and changed the name of a couple options in the menu. Nothing too crazy, but enjoy!