1. On Monday we updated you all with the latest artists on this week’s Indaba Breakthrough Radio- but we’ve just gotten word that three more artists have been added to the lineup.

    Check out the awesome additions below:

    Kenton Dunson

    Kenton Dunson became proactive on his music career in early 2010 when he resigned from his position at an investment firm to embark on the journey of an artist. People continue to find it difficult to put him in a box because of his talents which include self-production, vocals, lyricism and intense attack on in multiple instruments. The Maryland native has played in bands of multiple-genres over the years but took the chance to go solo and has since found a very receptive global base of listeners through online support and live performances.


    Bikini is an electronic collective from British Columbia, now dispersed across North America. In the wake of their 2010 EP RIPJDS, band members converged from four points of the continent to write and direct their first music video, prep their live show and tour it in select cities. The year culminated with an unforgettable night at the Austin Museum of Art at SXSW, which ended a year of logistical pangs with a old fashioned band brawl. With renewed focus, Bikini’s Aaron Aujla and Kieran Magzul are working on a new LP to be released later this year.  To date, the tracks have been built between Aujla’s New York City studio and the forests of northern British Columbia where Magzul treeplants. 


    CHIWAWA’s sound is a fluctuating mood, a wave of changing winds, polarity in vast directions pointing to a single target - harmony! CHIWAWA is a rock/pop electronic duo with Laurie Gordon (vocals, keyboards, guitars, bass, toys), the daughter of Hungarian immigrants, and Krassy Halatchev (bass, vocals, guitars. drums, knobs), born and raised in Communist Bulgaria.

    Rock on, sharks!

  2. Happy Monday! We have a brand-new lineup of the best emerging artists this week on Breakthrough Radio- and this week’s theme is electro music that has a fun, summer feel. We’ve given you a breakdown of each of them below, so go check ‘em out!

    If you haven’t been listening to Breakthrough Radio yet, go take a listen. We’ll be updating you every two weeks with the latest and greatest up and coming artists.


    With influences ranging from Genesis to Jamiroquai, Chromeo to ELO, Daft Punk to Hall and Oats; there is no genre left uncharted with Bosley. Twelve years into his versatile music career, Bosley still has the same zest and enthusiasm for his work as he did in the beginning. “Whether it’s producing and writing with other artists or cultivating my own brand of newfound artistry, I’m ready for the world.” 


    Chris Upton is a Los Angeles based, electric bass player, and music producer. He started playing drums at the age of thirteen while growing up listening to the sounds of punk and hardcore. By the time Chris was seventeen, he had made the switch to bass. After a period of playing in punk, and hardcore bands, Chris decided to attend Musicians Institute in Los Angeles to focus on his music studies. While at school Chris also learned to play piano and keys/synths. His love for pop,  old motown, indie rock, and electronic music has directly influenced how he approaches all of his bass and production work.


    ChokoDiscoManiac is an electro-funky trio composed by Michele Clivati (singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer and remixer) and Michele Magris (drummer, songwriter, producer and remixer) and Cristian Milani (sound engineer, mastering engineer, producer, guitarist, songwriter and remixer -www.cristianmilani.com).

    Kitten Berry Crunch 

    What do you do after your LA synth-rock band of 8 years breaks up? If you’re Shaun Hettinger you start an 80’s-loving synth-happy project with your cat Nico, move to Brooklyn, record at DFA Records, play at SXSW 2011, & prepare to release your album


    Suntalk is a band that formed in early 2010 through Indabamusic.com between Raanan Adler (guitarist/producer) and Jacoby Jennings (vocalist/songwriter). Raanan, who is originally from Israel began recording instrumental demos, Raanan heard some of Jacoby’s demos online (who currently resides in Austin, Texas) and decided to take a chance and send him a demo he had been working on. The two musicians found they shared similar influences and a similar vision of what they wanted to sound like. 

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    Indaba has just updated the Breakthrough Radio playlist with three awesome new artists this week. Check ‘em out here.

  3. Have you checked out Breakthrough Radio yet? If you’ve been left in the dark, Breakthrough Radio is a new digital music radio channel that spotlights emerging artists from around the world powered by Indaba Music and Grooveshark.

    Every two weeks we’ll switch it up and feature a new line-up of the best up and coming artists. Check out who’s playing now on Breakthrough Radio:

    Emily Greene

    The album boasts layered harmonies and slow grooves, with memorable hooks like “Oceans and Waves” mixed with heavier pop anthems like “Starting Fresh.” The title track, “Is This What You Had in Mind,” is a dissonant melancholic confession that resolves in arpeggios and harmonies that haunt the corners of your mind long after the song ends.

    Andrew Foshee

    He has formally released two albums, 2008’s ‘Wasting My Time’ (which he played all instruments and recorded at his home studio in Lake Lotawana, MO)  and 2009’s ‘Melodramatic Popular Song’ recorded by Larry Crane at Jackpot Studio in Portland, OR, and mixed by Dan Romer in Brooklyn, NY.

    Ace Reporter

    He has written, recorded, and posted a song every single day for all of 2010. He was also in a band for many years (The States out of Brooklyn NY), and is using his 365 project as a way to figure out what comes next.

    Quiet Company

    Grooveshark Artist, Quiet Company, has traveled all over the country since their inception in 2005, logging over 400 shows just since 2007, and though the lineup has changed, the goal never has: to write epic pop music that is intelligent, honest and thought provoking.

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