1. World, Meet Beluga. It’s Full of Awesome.

    We’ve Done It!

        Yesterday we officially launched Beluga. Beluga is the spiffy new open music insights platform powered by in-house market research and stream data from Grooveshark. A quick and simple search for any artist will yield access to a wealth of entirely anonymized information on demographic, cultural and lifestyle, socioeconomic, product affinity, music habit, and general market research characteristics and trends pertaining to that artist’s fanbase. Suspicious, you say? Don’t fret — there’s no catch. Beluga is completely free and no registration is required.

    Click on the images above to see the insights!

    How Beluga Works

        Every time a song is streamed on Grooveshark, a log is created for that stream and various bits of data associated with its listener are stored to that log. The listener data, e.g., age provided at registration or questions answered in our survey platform, is then anonymized to protect our users’ privacy and security, and subsequently fed into Beluga where basic statistical techniques are used to find strong correlations throughout log entries.
        Beluga collects data with complete transparency while still anonymizing user identities, creating pure listening-demand data, deep geographic and international music fan insight, pinpointed demographics, and first-party data unique to Beluga.
      You may wonder how we can provide such detailed insights while ensuring anonymity. The answer lies in the enormous sample size of listeners — with 20 million individuals using Grooveshark on a monthly basis to enjoy music, we can generate billions of stream logs without the threat of compromising our users’ privacy.

    Why Beluga Empowers Artists and Benefits Fans

    • Beluga helps artists to better understand and connect with their worldwide fanbase and make informed decisions when planning tour routes, buying/selling merchandise, and building their following.
    • Beluga helps brands by highlighting statistically significant correlations between listening habits and brands, providing insight into what’s trending in digital music consumption, while identifying typical demographic and psychographic characteristics of an artist’s or brand’s target audience.
    • Beluga helps fans by making it easier for the artists that you love to understand and connect with you. Not to mention the fun of exploring statistics on your favorite artists, e.g., on average, fans of Quiet Company tend to have iPhones, own no pets, prefer Flickr above other social networks, and are students or work in the tech industry as developers/programmers. Where do you fit in and what fun stats can you dig up on your favorite bands?

    Did we mention that it’s completely free and open to everyone?

    Questions? Check out Beluga’s FAQ and About pages!

    Love & Amazing Music Insights,
    Grooveshark & Beluga

  2. Kelly and the Hermanos - They’re as Awesome as They Look

        One of the many benefits of working directly with artists is that we’re exposed to an incredibly diverse range of unique musical styles and talent. One particularly awesome band of musicians, Kelly and the Hermanos, set aside time from gearing up for their May 26th album release show in NYC to grace us with a live performance this past Friday (5/11) in Grooveshark’s New York Office. Their particular brand of music? A “soundscape of an old timey western, wrought with love, despair and adventurous action that just happens to take place underwater.” The band has spent the last year recording their aptly named debut album “Underwater Western” and performing across the Northeast. We were thrilled to hear that the band uses Grooveshark to help stoke the fires that fuel their creative process.

    “Grooveshark has been a great way for the band to bring our different musical tastes together. Every time we hang out we’ve got it up on the computer making playlists that combine each of the band members favorite music, from old country songs to indie rock and pop music. This in turn helps develop our sound based on the mixture of the music we enjoy to create something that is the sum of all our loves.”
    –Kelly & The Hermanos 

        We know they’re excited to share their new album with the Grooveshark Community, so if you find yourself in or around New York City on May 26, make your way over to the Rockwood Music Hall for the “Underwater Western” release party and show them some love from the Sharks.

        Of course, no story on a live performance would be complete without pictures! Check them out below. :)


    Love & Sweet Underwater Westerns,

  3. Your Gaming Skills Can Earn You Cash!

    Play Wordy Bird and walk away with some grant money for college!

        Grooveshark strongly believes that work is just as important as play. Luckily, social gaming platform Grantoo has combined the two, allowing students to participate in gaming tournaments to win free tuition money and contribute to charities in the process.

        The tournament we’re sponsoring starts at 9pm (EST) today and features the crossword game Wordy Bird. Check out our site theme above to learn more about how you play your way to earning up as much as $5,000 in free tuition.

    PROTIP:    Check out Grantoo on Facebook & Twitter!

    Love, Gaming, & Free Tution,
    Grooveshark & Grantoo

  4. Stay tuned as bands are added to the lineup, including a third headliner!

        DeLuna Fest announced the 2012 lineup for their third annual beach party music festival. Headliners this year include Pearl Jam and Foo Fighters, with a third to be announced. Additional artists confirmed in the lineup include Florence and the Macine, Band of Horses, Dwight Yoakam, Ben Folds Five, Guided By Voices, DJ Jazzy Jeff, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Band of Skulls, and The Wood Brothers. Check out the rest of the lineup on the DeLuna Fest website for more info. It’s going to be a great time.

        There are four stages, two of which are directly on the Pensacola’s beautiful Gulf Coast beach, and plenty of accommodations within walking distance (shuttle service available to those staying in downtown Pensacola or on either end of Pensacola Beach’s Santa Rosa Island).

        We had an amazing time at last year’s DeLuna Fest — vacation, beach party, music festival, and the company of awesome music lovers bundled together makes for an awesome event. We encourage you to experience the awesomeness of this festival.

    PROTIP:  There are a limited quantity of advance-price tickets on sale available here, but act fast before the passes increase to standard price.

    When:  Friday, September 21 - Sunday, September 23, 2012 
    Where:  Casino Beach Blvd., Pensacola Beach, FL
    Awesome?:  Definitely

    DeLuna Fest Facebook & Twitter

    Love & Beach Jams,
    Grooveshark & Deluna Fest

  5. Grooveshark + Frends

    Available in Black Suede and Light Denim.

        We know how stylish all of you sharks are, and we hold the Grooveshark swag we offer to a high standard to keep you looking fresh. That high standard for swag led to us partnering with Frends to bring you these awesome Grooveshark headphones. Check them out in our store!

        We chose to partner with Frends for our headphones because they specialize in producing electronic accessories that strive for that perfect balance between form and function to fit a multitude of lifestyles. Frends offers the design and authenticity of yesterday with the premium sound and technology of tomorrow.

        As if that weren’t a sweet enough deal, we’re throwing in three months of Grooveshark Anywhere when you purchase them from our store so you enjoy your Frends anytime, anywhere.

        Snag a pair of these limited edition headphones and be a part of the movement.

    Check out Frends on Facebook & Twitter

    Grooveshark & Frends


    Go to Summer Camp for Free

        Grooveshark wants to send you to the 12th annual Summer Camp  Music Festival for free this year! This awesome 3 day music and camping festival takes place just 2 1/2 hours from Chicago at Three Sisters Park in Chillicothe, Illinois and features over 100 artists on 7 stages. Confirmed 2012 artists include 3 days of moe. and Umphrey’s McGee, Jane’s Addiction, Primus, Pretty Lights, Common, Weir, Robinson, Greene Acoustic Trio, Gov’t Mule, Gogol Bordello, Tedeschi Trucks Band, Lotus, Michael Franti, Shpongle, Yonder Mountain String Band, G Love, and many, many more! So check out the details & submission below to take a shot at getting free tickets to camp out & get down to sweet jams and share awesome music with your friends in the process!

    Here’s How to Win Those Tickets

    - Create a new Grooveshark playlist featuring artists from the Summer Camp lineup.
    - To be able to win, playlists must have at least 20 songs and 10 different artists from the lineup.
    - Get as many people to subscribe to your playlist as you can.
    - The top two playlists with the most subscribers each win a pair of General Admission tickets to Summer Camp 2012 + a code for 1 year of Grooveshark Anywhere.
    - 3 runner-ups will get a code for 6 months of Grooveshark Anywhere.
    - Fill out the form below so we can let you know if you win!

    Love & Summer Camp Jams,
    Grooveshark & Summer Camp

  7. What would you do to meet meet Tiësto?

    We love to see sharks getting hooked up with awesome opportunities, so we got together with LoadnVote to bring you this sweet contest to go to Bounce Music Festival  with VIP tickets and backstage passes to meet Tiësto!

    A quick bit about the contest & LoadnVote:
        Snag yourself two VIP tickets + backstage passes to see Tiësto perform at Indiana University during Little 500 by Loading a 10 - 30 video on the contest page  before this Saturday (April 14th), describing what you’d do to meet Tiësto. The video with the most votes takes the prize, so get creative with it.

        Loadnvote is a contest-based website where people can compete for prizes and possibly gain some fame. Contests can be premised on musical talent, comedy routines, writing the most clever caption, and everything in between. Whether or not you’re the most talented shark you know, there are prizes for everyone to win, ranging from placement in a performance to a live audience, winning a free iPad, and free vacations (hint: Spring Break is right around the corner). All of these prizes are within your reach on LoadnVote as long as you’re willing to “Expose Yourself”.

    Love & Awesome Contests,
    Grooveshark & LoadnVote

  8.   The group, composed of MC/songwriter Sonny Shotz, producer/manager Alexander Mendoza, and producer/engineer Mik Beats, came together in 2010 and has released two mix tapes Undeclared (2010) and The Drive In (2011). This past Tuesday they released a 17-track album, Generation X. Inspired by a diverse range of musical styles and by coupling socially conscious lyrics with high-energy production, the 17-track compilation holds appeal to fans of a varying range of genres including pop, indie, rock, hip-hop, techno, and country. The Dean’s List are the flagship group of aveNUE Music Partnerships, a new indie platform designed to help distribute and promote artists through strategic brand and media partnerships.

        Check out Generation X in our Featured Section or click their awesome site theme below enjoy & download the album. PROTIP: Before you get down to the full album, check out the video for the single “Youth,” below.

    For more awesomeness check out The Dean’s List on Facebook and Twitter.

    Love & Good Musical Grades,
    Grooveshark and The Dean’s List