1. Above: Main Stages + Camp

    As part of our awesome summer festival partnership with Bacardi+, Grooveshark experienced three days of amazing music at Camp Bisco, an annual music festival held in Mariaville, New York. We set out on the road to Bisco early morning Wednesday, July 11, for a music experience that attracts an estimated crowd of 25,000 people. Here’s a recap of our time there!

    Top: The crowd at Portugal the Man

    Grooveshark and Bacardi+ ran the Media Tent at Bisco, serving as the hub for all media agents at the festival. Every morning, media teams gathered in the tent to be briefed on festival updates.

    With free WiFi, phone charging hubs, Bacardi+ Pre-Mixed cocktails, and a Grooveshark listening station to preview which artists to catch next, our tent saw hundreds of media, artist, and VIP faces throughout the festival.

    Above Left: Grooveshark/Bacardi+ tent
    Above Right: Look at that swag!
    Below Left: Press briefing in progress
    Below Right: Grooveshark listening station

    VIP’s and media agents also visited the tent for free Grooveshark/Bacardi+ gear. We gave away so much! Here’s a quick breakdown:

    • 250 beach balls
    • 500 lighters
    • 300 coozies
    • 400 bottle openers
    • 500 plastic cups
    • 600 stickers
    • 300 premium ear plugs (courtesy of Bacardi+)

    Bassnectar and Skrillex dominated the main stage with awesome sets. Skrillex had a media blackout which was lifted right before his show and allowed us to get some awesome shots

    Top & Above Left: Skrillex
    Above Right, Bottom Left, & Bottom Right: Bassnectar

    Everyone was wearing bandanas as a result of the massive amount of dust at the festival; however, the rain on the second night made for an enjoyable third day.

    Above: One day of dust at Bisco

    The festival also attracted a variety of Go-go dance troupes, notably the Kitty Koalition, who made frequent stops in the tent for dancing and cocktails. These troupes dressed up in outrageous costumes and hustled their ways on stage to dance alongside some of the festival’s biggest-named artists.


    There were also a lot of remnant bikers scattered around the festival from a motorcycle rally on-site the week before. They were all friendly and added to the diverse culture in attendance.


    We experienced a lot of awesome things at Bisco, but one of our favorites was the sunset as viewed by a $5 ride on the ferris wheel.

    Want to see more pictures? Head over to the album on Photobucket!
    Want to see more work by the photographer? Head over to Jesse Lash Photography to check out his other work!

    Love and Fun Festival Times,

  2. Alliterative fate strikes again! Every Tuesday we will be giving you little tips on how to make your Grooveshark experience even more fantastic! 

    This week we are sharing six simple and easy keyboard shortcuts to enhance the time you spend jamming with us!

    1. Hitting the space bar will play or pause the song you are listening to. 

    2. Pressing Command/Ctrl + the left arrow key will play the previous song in your Current Songs.

    3. Hitting Command/Ctrl + the right arrow key will play the next song in your Current Songs.

    4. Pressing Command/Ctrl + click will multiple select individual songs.

    5. Holding Shift and clicking on the first and last songs in a group will select all the songs in between. 

    6. Hitting Command/Ctrl + up/down arrow keys will adjust the volume.

    Come back every Tuesday for more great Grooveshark tips!

  3. Sharks, we have a big announcement!

    Grooveshark is getting a site redesign! Everyone here has been working diligently to improve Grooveshark to be more seamless, aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate. Our last site redesign was in December of 2010 and this redesign promises to be the best Grooveshark it can be. To reward our loyal users we are giving our subscribers an early access preview.

    Some aspects of the site redesign include a subtle facelift to the aesthetics, improvements to navigation, improvements to the queue and improvements to the social aspects of Grooveshark. The new social aspects will include new artist profile pages, new user profile pages, an improved community section and improved activity feeds. There will also be a new explore section with a discovery aspect including featured music and recommendations.

    Because we love the people who read our blog, we are sharing some screenshots to give a preview of some of the new features! 

    We’ve made some changes to make it easier to navigate Grooveshark, no matter what page you’re on. The new top navigation bar lets you quickly search for music, find your friends and feeds, view your music, and go to our new section, Explore.

    Explore is a brand new section of Grooveshark that helps you discover all kinds of new music. From new releases to featured playlists, popular songs and genre Radio Stations, Explore will help you find great music that you’re going to love.

    On the Artists page you can browse, discover or keep up with any artist you’d like!

    Here you can keep up with what your favorite artists have been up to lately on the New Releases page!

    On the Popular page you can explore the most popular songs being played on Grooveshark.

    Here you can browse and listen to the array of stations that Grooveshark has predesigned based on genre.

    Clicking on My Music takes you to your library of songs, playlists, favorites, and all the things you’ve pinned to your sidebar—your quick list of all your favorite playlists, songs, and stations.

    Your Favorites live here!

    Here are all of your playlists, neatly organized for you to find and jam out to!

    We’ve updated the Community page to make it easier to track what your shark friends are listening to! 

    This is what it will look like when you go to find a song and play it. 

    This page shows how artists will be organized. There will be tabs for activity, songs, albums and events. 

    We hope you enjoy the redesign and let us know what you think! We will unveil the official redesign to all of our users in the near future - stay tuned!

  4. Update: Looks like it’s working now. Fully close and restart Chrome and play with Groovebud to your heart’s content.

    I just want to say that this Chrome extenstion is awesome. It takes any phone that can read/scan QR codes (or has a decent mobile browser) and turns it into a mobile remote control for your Grooveshark queue.

    Step 1) Simply download the extension from the Chrome App store.

    Step 2) The next time you open Grooveshark, click on the Groovebud icon in your address bar — a QR code and accompanying link will appear. 

    Step 3) Either scan the QR code with your phone, or type the link into your phone’s browser and voila! You now have remote control of Grooveshark from anywhere in your house. 

    Skip forward or back to songs, and control playing and pausing.

    Having a party and don’t want people changing your music? Lock away your computer and control the music from the palm of your hand! Want to listen to Grooveshark by the pool? Queue up a playlist and you’re in total control.

    Thanks so much to @bengl for developing this extension!

    Note from the developer: This software is alpha. It’s still in development, and as such, things are bound to break. Sorry about that, but I’ll do my best to fix things.

  5. This morning, Google released their annual Zeitgeist—a roundup of the most popular search terms on the web throughout the year. We’re thrilled to announce that in 2010, Grooveshark made the list of the Top 10 Searches in the United States.

    Coming in just behind Facebook, and just ahead of our guilty pleasure the popular TV show Glee, Grooveshark comes in as the #8 most popular rising search in the United States for the year.

    And it’s not just the United States! Grooveshark is ranked third in Argentina—ahead of Twitter, and just behind the Bieb—and ninth overall for entertainment globally.

    Showing up on a Top 10 list including the iPad, Chatroulette, and Justin Bieber is what compelled us to start Grooveshark originally. Now that we’ve achieved our goal, we’re excited to keep updating the just-launched revisions to Grooveshark, shop for last-minute holiday gifts, and make 2011 even more awesome.

    Thank you, Grooveshark friends. New and old, you never cease to surprise and delight us.

  6. A favorite band of tons of folks here at the office is Glasgow-founded Belle & Sebastian. Their new record, Write About Love, is coming out this coming Tuesday, October 12—and Grooveshark has an awesome advanced preview of the new record.

    Check it out on Grooveshark. You can see two music videos, an entire episode of Belle TV, and of course, listen to the entirety of the new album before it comes out. We’re super-thrilled about this, and excited to be a part of everything else going on around the release of Write About Love.

    The single:

  7. Ever since we started the Grooveshark Schwag Store a few weeks ago, our shelves have been hit hard as you awesome folks have been supporting us!  We just noticed that on Storenvy—the website that powers our store—we have the top 4 most popular shirts!

    Not only have you made Grooveshark the most popular store on Storenvy, but out of the top 12 items sold, we have 7! We love you guys. And if you have a Grooveshark shirt, take a pic and post it somewhere for us!

  8. Can you name this famous awesome dude?

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