1. The Water Cooler

    with Jacob Jeffries Band

    A few weeks back, we had the pleasure of hosting the Jacob Jeffries Band for a performance at our in-office studio. This high-spirited Florida band had all the Sharks gleefully bobbing their heads to gritty pop tunes and soulfully charged vocals. Fresh from a chain of performances along the East Coast, the band’s front man, Jacob Jeffries, took some time away from coaching musical theatre in South Florida to catch up and talk about some of the band’s upcoming projects. Be sure to check out the video for Suffocate My Heart off their latest album, Tell Me Secrets, at the end of the interview.

    GS:    Hey Jacob! Last time when you guys were at our office, the band had to head out that evening for a chain of upcoming shows, how did that go?

    JJ:    Great man. It was like a nice little almost-vacation. The traveling aspect is always going to be a part of any band’s career, and in this day and age you have to get the music to the people, but starting in a couple of weeks we are actually going to be based mainly out of New York.

    GS:    Are you excited?

    JJ:    I’m stoked, man!

    GS:    When did music become a part of your life?

    JJ:    Music is really a part of my life because of my mom’s passion for the Beatles and the music she grew up on. My mom is a pretty introverted person, and I think she found a lot of comfort and safety in music growing up. When others would have been going out and gallivanting around town, she found more happiness in just listening to a Beatles record, y’know? So, growing up that was all I listened to and I loved it, I embraced it, and I wanted to be them.

    GS:    How did the band get together?

    JJ:    I met my guitarist, Jimmy Powers, when we were in high school and he was known as this hotshot guitarist. He was in this amazing band that I just literally drooled over. I used to look up to them so much and I was kind of scared of them because, in my head, they were kind of famous. Anyway, in my sophomore/junior year I started jamming with Jimmy and he asked his band if they would be interested in jamming with me. After that his funk band started playing my songs with me and backing me up, and it was kind of this cool full-circle thing. I couldn’t believe that the drummer was playing drums for me, that Jimmy was playing guitar for me, and I was playing with this amazing band that I marveled at and loved for so long.

    GS:    I am curious to know who was Jacob Jeffries in high school. What album really defined you at that time of your life?

    JJ:    I was friends with a lot of different people in the high school food chain but I mainly did a lot of the musical performing arts stuff like drama, chorus, and jazz band. If I had to define myself with an album in high school, I would actually have to mention a couple albums. When Gavin DeGraw came on the scene, and his first album came out, I couldn’t stop playing that with my girlfriend at the time. There was also a Rufus Wainwright album called Release the Stars that I listened to a lot. Sprinkle in the Beatles and pepper in some Fountains of Wayne and you got my high school playlist.

    GS:    You guys have been together for nearly a decade in different incarnations. Any advice to other bands on trying to make it in the industry?

    JJ:    There was advice that was given to me years ago, and I try to practice it everyday: it’s not to compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself is the worst thing you can do, and it’s a disease that we all have. When you start comparing yourself to other artists and their progress or stagnancy, it starts to become more of a competition and you start losing your mind. The advice I have to other people is to put up blinders and only pay attention to yourself and your goals.

    GS:    I wanted to thank you guys, because last time you came through town you left copies of your first full studio album, Tell Me Secrets. What are the secrets or inspirations behind this album?

    JJ:    It’s pretty ironic that the album is called Tell Me Secrets because I don’t have any secrets. I am an open dude and I’ll tell you anything you want to know about me. The album is like a glimpse into some of my relationships with friends, family, and lovers, and how I feel about them, but they aren’t really secrets. That’s my job on this world, on this earth—to play music for people to relate to. And there’s no secret about that.

    GS:    How would you describe your music?

    JJ:    I feel like it makes people comfortable and it really applies to everyone on the planet. It’s kind of like the three little bears: not too hot, not too cold, not too hard, not too soft.

    GS:    Speaking of childhood, what was your program or cartoon as a kid?

    JJ:    When I was little it was definitely Rugrats, then as I got a little older it was Full House, and then I graduated to my favorite show, Freaks and Geeks. It only ran for one season but I can watch it over and over.

    GS:    What is something you want listeners to know about the Jacob Jeffries Band?

    JJ:    The music that we make and the shows that we put on are pure energy and honesty. I hope that people can relate to us and just smile that we are bringing good music to the world.

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  2.     As part of an ongoing partnership with Saddle Creek, an independent record label from Omaha, Nebraska, we created this site theme to promote two of their latest album releases, GENERALS by The Mynabirds and UNITED STATES OF BEING by PUJOL. Check out the site theme below to stream both full albums, as well as snag a free download of the Saddle Creek Summer Sampler.

    Click here to download Saddle Creek’s Free Summer Sampler!


    “scuzzy, catchy tracks that combine youthful energy with lyrical precociousness… UNITED STATES OF BEING is loud, a little grimy and fun as hell.”
    – Rolling Stone

    “wildly fun, immediate, and memorable.” - All Music Guide “This madman of rock ‘n’ roll speaks like a young philosopher king.”
    - Spinner

    “His lyrics and hooks are so good that often times he seems more like an early electric Dylan than the punk greats he probably more closely looks up to. And he pulls it all off with a slightly sinister carelessness that could make him a star if he wants it.”
    - American Songwriter

    “The band, whose sonic slurry consists of two parts gritty punk, one part Weezer- like alt pop-rock and a dash of psychedelia, will channel its infectious aggro into an exploration of relationships on the album.”
    – CMJ

    The Mynabirds

    Reviews of GENERALS:

    "Generals is openhearted, politically engaged, feminist pop. Burhenn bookends the record with the plea, "I’d give it all, for a legacy of love," signaling that she’s willing to sacrifice personal gain for the broader good, instead of setting the whole thing ablaze. Maybe it’s just her voice (and god, that voice), but I believe her."
    - Pitchfork

    “Her gospel-tinged vocals rise over handclap syncopation, like the protest songs of Neil Young, but with the upbeat pop hooks of Gotye.”
    – MTVIggy

    “‘Body of Work’ has Dirty Projectors-level interlaced melodies layered with influences of ’80s new wave and African rhythms, like a denser, sharper Feist.”
    - Diffuser

    “Her smoky, soulful voice is absolutely ravishing”
    - USA Today

    On Facebook? Like The Mynabirds and PUJOL for updates from the artists!

    Love and Sweet Album Releases,

  3. World, Meet Beluga. It’s Full of Awesome.

    We’ve Done It!

        Yesterday we officially launched Beluga. Beluga is the spiffy new open music insights platform powered by in-house market research and stream data from Grooveshark. A quick and simple search for any artist will yield access to a wealth of entirely anonymized information on demographic, cultural and lifestyle, socioeconomic, product affinity, music habit, and general market research characteristics and trends pertaining to that artist’s fanbase. Suspicious, you say? Don’t fret — there’s no catch. Beluga is completely free and no registration is required.

    Click on the images above to see the insights!

    How Beluga Works

        Every time a song is streamed on Grooveshark, a log is created for that stream and various bits of data associated with its listener are stored to that log. The listener data, e.g., age provided at registration or questions answered in our survey platform, is then anonymized to protect our users’ privacy and security, and subsequently fed into Beluga where basic statistical techniques are used to find strong correlations throughout log entries.
        Beluga collects data with complete transparency while still anonymizing user identities, creating pure listening-demand data, deep geographic and international music fan insight, pinpointed demographics, and first-party data unique to Beluga.
      You may wonder how we can provide such detailed insights while ensuring anonymity. The answer lies in the enormous sample size of listeners — with 20 million individuals using Grooveshark on a monthly basis to enjoy music, we can generate billions of stream logs without the threat of compromising our users’ privacy.

    Why Beluga Empowers Artists and Benefits Fans

    • Beluga helps artists to better understand and connect with their worldwide fanbase and make informed decisions when planning tour routes, buying/selling merchandise, and building their following.
    • Beluga helps brands by highlighting statistically significant correlations between listening habits and brands, providing insight into what’s trending in digital music consumption, while identifying typical demographic and psychographic characteristics of an artist’s or brand’s target audience.
    • Beluga helps fans by making it easier for the artists that you love to understand and connect with you. Not to mention the fun of exploring statistics on your favorite artists, e.g., on average, fans of Quiet Company tend to have iPhones, own no pets, prefer Flickr above other social networks, and are students or work in the tech industry as developers/programmers. Where do you fit in and what fun stats can you dig up on your favorite bands?

    Did we mention that it’s completely free and open to everyone?

    Questions? Check out Beluga’s FAQ and About pages!

    Love & Amazing Music Insights,
    Grooveshark & Beluga

  4. Kelly and the Hermanos - They’re as Awesome as They Look

        One of the many benefits of working directly with artists is that we’re exposed to an incredibly diverse range of unique musical styles and talent. One particularly awesome band of musicians, Kelly and the Hermanos, set aside time from gearing up for their May 26th album release show in NYC to grace us with a live performance this past Friday (5/11) in Grooveshark’s New York Office. Their particular brand of music? A “soundscape of an old timey western, wrought with love, despair and adventurous action that just happens to take place underwater.” The band has spent the last year recording their aptly named debut album “Underwater Western” and performing across the Northeast. We were thrilled to hear that the band uses Grooveshark to help stoke the fires that fuel their creative process.

    “Grooveshark has been a great way for the band to bring our different musical tastes together. Every time we hang out we’ve got it up on the computer making playlists that combine each of the band members favorite music, from old country songs to indie rock and pop music. This in turn helps develop our sound based on the mixture of the music we enjoy to create something that is the sum of all our loves.”
    –Kelly & The Hermanos 

        We know they’re excited to share their new album with the Grooveshark Community, so if you find yourself in or around New York City on May 26, make your way over to the Rockwood Music Hall for the “Underwater Western” release party and show them some love from the Sharks.

        Of course, no story on a live performance would be complete without pictures! Check them out below. :)


    Love & Sweet Underwater Westerns,

  5. If you’re an artist looking to distribute your music, we can help; whether that is directly or through a distributor. We recently shared the following email with some artists who wanted to understand how Grooveshark could help directly or through their distributor TuneCore. Although the email is largely TuneCore-focused, the message for all artists is the same, Grooveshark’s open music platform is designed to help connect you with fans who will discover, love and share your music. If that sounds interesting to you, let us know at artists@grooveshark.com.

    Here’s the email we shared with the TuneCore artists:

    Thanks for reaching out to us. We are glad you did and we want to work with you.

    You are not alone in your interest in working together. Jeff’s blog post introduced Grooveshark to many emerging artists who hadn’t leveraged our platform before. We’ve received calls/emails from multiple artists wanting to understand more about Grooveshark, and after learning about the millions we’ve paid artists to date and the millions of fans we’ve introduced to emerging artists, want to license their music for distribution on Grooveshark.

    Given our commitment to open music innovation over closed music control, we want to give as many artists as possible the opportunity to connect with the passionate/influential fans using our service. In fact, its worth reviewing Grooveshark’s artist media kit https://grooveshark.box.com/s/25794b84df07dee0534e and our CEO’s recent interview with evolver.fm to understand the open music synergy we see between online exposure, fan engagement and offline revenue.

    Before detailing the ways to get paid or promoted on Grooveshark, it’s worth communicating our respect for artists who may not support Grooveshark’s open music philosophy. If those artists believe that ANY Grooveshark user has uploaded one of their songs to our service and wants it removed, we will gladly take it down. The process for doing that, either directly or through TuneCore as your authorized agent, is defined here: http://www.grooveshark.com/dmca In a world where rights are transferable daily the artist knows better than any service provider who owns a track streaming from a specific URL on a given day. Artist control is a core component of what open music means and our takedown process is designed to put the artist in control.

    That said, our preferred outcome is to license your music for distribution to Grooveshark’s millions of music-loving users.

    If you are an artist that owns your master rights, we can get started in two ways:

    1) Register with us directly at http://artists.grooveshark.com/ and upload your music. Our direct registration path is setup for artists looking for payment in the form of promotion instead of cash. Then email GSlovesTCartists@grooveshark.com to take advantage of a special “Grooveshark <3 TuneCore Artists” promotion our Artist Services team has launched. Note that artists.grooveshark.com is on the verge of a major redesign so we’ll also put all registered TuneCore artists who email us on our private invite list for the soon-to-be-launched artist dashboard and open music insights platform called Beluga.

    2) If you are only interested in cash payment, direct TuneCore as your distributor to sign a Masters rights agreement (DSLA) with us for your songs, and ingest your content with us so we can report accurately and get you paid going forward on a recurring basis. Feel free to CC GSlovesTCartists@grooveshark.com on that email so we can follow-up from our side. We have the ability to sign TuneCore to a DSLA that only covers the TuneCore artists like you, that opt-in to licensing Grooveshark. This also allows TuneCore to represent what each artist wants for their music instead of making one distribution decision for all.

    If you are an artist that owns your publishing rights, but not masters, then you unfortunately do not have the necessary rights to ingest content with us. This complicates reporting, but we’d like to find a solution. In that instance, direct TuneCore as your distributor to sign a Publishing rights deal with us to handle reporting and payment. Feel free to CC GSlovesTCartists@grooveshark.com on that email so we can follow-up from our side. We have the ability to sign TuneCore to a Publishing rights agreement that only covers the TuneCore artists like you, that opt-in to licensing Grooveshark. This also allows TuneCore to represent what each artist wants for their music instead of making one distribution decision for all.

    At the end of the day, you the artist are our partner. If we fail to get TuneCore signed to any of these flexible arrangements, we have a list of fantastic distributors who would be glad to help you get paid or promoted by Grooveshark. We hope this detail communicates how much we want to work with every artist, including TuneCore artists like you — whether your goals are promotion or cash. Let us know any questions and let’s get our fans loving your music!

  6.     Some sharks may have gotten a peek at the music video and brand promotions we started testing earlier this week. We’re excited to share some of the vision we have for this platform and the potential it has to help emerging artists. Check out the official press release copied below. We’d love to hear your thoughts, so if you have any feedback, suggestions, or ideas on how we can help artists even more, email us  — we’re always stoked to hear from you.

    If you’re a blogger or reporter and want to share the good news, feel free to grab the PDF version: GroovesharkEmergingArtistPromotions.pdf


    Gainesville, FL — (March 28, 2012) — Grooveshark, the largest internationally available music streaming and discovery service, has begun rolling out a compelling new video engagement platform this week.

    The video engagements will showcase artist music videos and brand advertisements as part of a broader objective to bring more exposure to emerging artists. This engagement tool is among several new initiatives being launched in the coming months designed to help empower emerging artists through the use of Grooveshark’s platform, brand partnerships, and passionate user base.

    Example music video promotion.

    The videos currently only appear based on an algorithm that identifies the most active and influential Grooveshark users, those who have the greatest ability to spread the word on new music and artists. Users will see no more than one 15- to 60-second promotional video for every four hours of music listening.

    "Artists are always asking us for new ways to share their music with the world and connect with new fans. By involving our most engaged users, who are more likely to be influencers, these videos become a unique and powerful promotional tool for artists, labels, producers, brands, everyone involved," said Alex Hoffman, Grooveshark’s Director of Artist Services. "We’re just getting started, but over time we expect to connect fans, artists and music videos based upon musical tastes. Our goal is to make these as personal, relevant, and enjoyable as possible."

    A sample of artists highlighted during launch include The Tenant, DWNTWN and Quiet Company. The results with these artists have been astounding during the one-month test period. Before featuring The Tenant’s music video for “Mystery Mountain,” it had only 1,800 views on YouTube. After being featured on Grooveshark’s video platform, the video rose to about 183,000 views, or about a 10,000 percent increase in views.

    "Our video view count jumped by more than 75,000 plays in a week and our Likes and comments more than quadrupled," said Dave Kay of The Tenant. "It’s amazing the number of new fans we’ve gained just because people are seeing the video. The exposure has been great."

    Viewership impact chart

    Artists and brands who are interested in being featured, including those with Kickstarter or other support campaigns who could benefit from Grooveshark’s video engagement platform, should contact engagement@grooveshark.com.

    For more information about Grooveshark, please contact Press@Grooveshark.com


  7. Happy Friday, Sharks! Due to alliterative fate, we are introducing Featured Fridays! Have you checked out the Featured tab in the Explore page?

    Grooveshark is the place to go to listen to any music you want, but what about the times when you’re bored with your tunes? This page remedies those problems by featuring new releases as well as artists from an array of genres that will mix up your listening experience!

    The Featured page updates every Thursday, so be sure to check out the featured artists and releases each week. We even put a sample playlist together for you with one song from each artist and release below! Enjoy!

  8. After months of everyone at the shark tank working ‘round the clock to bring you a brand new user experience, we’re extremely excited to bring you all a complete redesign of Grooveshark! The all-new Grooveshark has arrived—a sleeker, more seamless experience with a powerful combination of streaming music and social networking

    Music is a universal language that inspires and connects people around the globe, and the Internet is a natural pathway for people to find more music they love. We understand the importance of discovering and sharing music with friends, and the redesign makes Grooveshark an efficient place to do both! In addition to improvements in speed, appearance, and navigation, the new Grooveshark places a heavy emphasis on social media sharing and community features that complement tighter integrations with third-party social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Last.fm and Reddit.   

    Key features and upgrades of the new Grooveshark include:

    •  A new Explore section that enables the discovery of music through a Featured Artist section, quick access to new releases and completely redesigned, genre-based Radio Stations!

    •  A Community section that allows users to follow and interact with tastemakers and friends while discovering more music tailored to their tastes that can be shared with the entire community through improved drag-and-drop functionality. This is a great place to see what everyone is listening to, find the good stuff and pass it off as your own discovery!

    • Artist and user profile pages that allow fans to follow and interact with their favorite artists, discover mutual tastes, or follow what their friends are listening to. Find your friends and see what everyone is listening to! Just watch out for your Mom commenting on your latest dirty rap playlist… there’s a privacy setting for that!

    • System-wide ability to comment on activities and events, reduced advertising intrusion, and more prominent event listings for quick access to information about concerts and music festivals all over the world!

    • The ability to instantly transform your Current Songs to a music video Playlist without ever leaving Grooveshark!

    And for all the artists out there: beginning today, you can login at http://artists.grooveshark.com to verify your tracks and start interacting with your fans! 

    Check out the redesign and let us know what you think! We’re really proud of the new site, and we hope you all love it as much as we do. Head to Grooveshark.com right now to start connecting with your friends and favorite artists!

  9. Since it’s Friday, we figured less is more. Less words, more pictures! Our DeLuna Fest pictures and video came in today and we wanted to share them with you as promised!

    The video is an incredible way to take in the entire weekend and festival. You can feel the energy, hear the music and feel the fun… Enjoy!

    We have some incredible photos of employees, fans, attendees, artists, crowds and the Grooveshark stage. If you weren’t able to meet us this past weekend, you can experience the festival through our pictures. If you were there, keep a lookout.. you might be in our album!

    To view our album on Facebook click here!

    Video and all photos courtesy of Alexia Johnson.

  10. Sharks, we have a big announcement!

    Grooveshark is getting a site redesign! Everyone here has been working diligently to improve Grooveshark to be more seamless, aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate. Our last site redesign was in December of 2010 and this redesign promises to be the best Grooveshark it can be. To reward our loyal users we are giving our subscribers an early access preview.

    Some aspects of the site redesign include a subtle facelift to the aesthetics, improvements to navigation, improvements to the queue and improvements to the social aspects of Grooveshark. The new social aspects will include new artist profile pages, new user profile pages, an improved community section and improved activity feeds. There will also be a new explore section with a discovery aspect including featured music and recommendations.

    Because we love the people who read our blog, we are sharing some screenshots to give a preview of some of the new features! 

    We’ve made some changes to make it easier to navigate Grooveshark, no matter what page you’re on. The new top navigation bar lets you quickly search for music, find your friends and feeds, view your music, and go to our new section, Explore.

    Explore is a brand new section of Grooveshark that helps you discover all kinds of new music. From new releases to featured playlists, popular songs and genre Radio Stations, Explore will help you find great music that you’re going to love.

    On the Artists page you can browse, discover or keep up with any artist you’d like!

    Here you can keep up with what your favorite artists have been up to lately on the New Releases page!

    On the Popular page you can explore the most popular songs being played on Grooveshark.

    Here you can browse and listen to the array of stations that Grooveshark has predesigned based on genre.

    Clicking on My Music takes you to your library of songs, playlists, favorites, and all the things you’ve pinned to your sidebar—your quick list of all your favorite playlists, songs, and stations.

    Your Favorites live here!

    Here are all of your playlists, neatly organized for you to find and jam out to!

    We’ve updated the Community page to make it easier to track what your shark friends are listening to! 

    This is what it will look like when you go to find a song and play it. 

    This page shows how artists will be organized. There will be tabs for activity, songs, albums and events. 

    We hope you enjoy the redesign and let us know what you think! We will unveil the official redesign to all of our users in the near future - stay tuned!

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