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    Our friends at Truth have created a cool online game called, “Hidden Truth.” The best part about this virtual game is that solving the mystery can win you a very tangible prize. Play Hidden Truth and become entered to win free tickets to Vans Warped Tour. Sounds like lots of #winning if you ask us.

  2. Though there weren’t any zombie uprisings or alien invasions, and from what we recall, nothing that felt like any dramatic planetary shifts, we are still happy to see that human-kind has managed to survive 2012. However, for those of us sitting in class or at work on this first Monday of 2013 feeling cheated out of a good Mayan apocalypse, we want to let you know that you are not alone. Our friends’ Roadkill Ghost ChoirThe Eastern Sea, and Kopecky Family Band, also had plans for the end of the world and decided to share it with the Sharks.

    What are your plans for the end of the world?


    Kopecky Family Band

    "The six of us (and our loved ones) will be  holed up in our diamond shell bunker located  in the heart of Antarctica. It is reinforced by  titanium and spiderwebs. And we have  enough  jellybeans and frozen pizzas to last  us until the  dawn of the new civilization."       
    Roadkill Ghost Choir

    "Probably the usual. Lots of sleeping and Netflix. Maybe a Lord of the Rings marathon. That seems like a nice way to go out."              


     The Eastern Sea

    "Probably wake up, take the dog to the park,  play a video game, send emails, drink coffee,  etc."

    Since we have another amazing year of music to look forward to, please enjoy our Almost End of the World Playlist

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