Lifehacker recently posted an article asking readers to list their top 5 favorite sites for streaming music, and we were so honored to be a part of that group.

But- what’s even more awesome is that you, our lovely users, voted for us as your¬†favorite¬†streaming music site, and we are beyond excited!

With 35% of the vote we beat out other popular streaming sites like Spotify, Pandora, Google Music and Rdio- for the second year in a row! We know we wouldn’t be anywhere without our faithful users- so we wanted to give a giant THANK YOU to everyone who voted and everyone who continues to rock out on Grooveshark.

We’re so pumped to be able to share our love of music with you, and we hope you continue to love Grooveshark for years to come!

And to thank all of the fantastic users on @Grooveshark and the Grooveshark Fan Page who helped us win, we wanted to pass out a few codes for a FREE month of GSA to say thanks. We’ll be passing out ten codes randomly to those who helped spread the word- so be on the lookout, you might just be a winner!

Rock on, Sharks!