Happy Friday, Grooveworld!

We wanted to share a cool site with you that you just might find handy. Have you ever wished you could magically transport your favorite playlists into Grooveshark without having to manually recreate them yourself? Well, now you can. Thanks to Groovylists, a site that takes your playlists from Spotify, LastFM or iTunes and adds them to Grooveshark for you.

There is a limit of 200 songs per playlist, but if you have more than that you can split the playlist into smaller files and add them individually. So, if you have a slew of playlists on other streaming sites that you just don’t want to part with, Groovylists makes it easy for you to send them all over to Grooveshark! The best part? It’s free.

Check out this quick tutorial below:

Do you use any other cool sites that help make your Grooveshark experience better? 

Have a great weekend, sharks.