We know you’ve all been practically convulsing with anticipation about this one, so we’re extremely, extremely, extremely pleased to announce that Grooveshark has released two quick updates to our Android application. We released one version of the app that fixed a few people’s bugs early in the week, then took the feedback we received and created another fix that should resolve the rest of the issues!

If you’ve got the app, it will ask you to update; if you don’t, point your smartyphone’s browser at m.grooveshark.com and start your free trial today!

Heeeeeeeere’s Changelog:

First, please be sure to have a few megabytes of space available on your SD card before installing this update, as your offline songs and player cache will be migrated to these new directories on first run.

  • We’ve released a revamped player which fixes many playback issues, including all those danged problems you’ve been having on your HD Desire, G2X, Atrix, and other fancy new phones.
  • Player seeking is now supported — you can drag your scrubber around to different points of the song you’re listening to!
  • Fixed crashes on small screen sizes. Your Citrus and other tiny-screened phones should now work like a dream!
  • Added support for Simple Last.fm Scrobbler — this version won’t spam your notifications, it caches offlined scrobbles, and works on phones the old scrobbler didn’t work on.
  • When using Simple Last.fm Scrobbler, favoriting a song syncs the song with your list of Last.fm loved songs
  • Added support for BugSense, a tool that allows us to better monitor app crashes and make quick fixes to problems!
  • Added the option to automatically download app updates - you can toggle it on your Settings menu.
  • Offline songs and player cache are written to Android-managed directories, and are removed on uninstall.

We’re working around the clock over here at the shark tank to ensure that our lovely listeners can take their music on the go, so we hope you find this new update helpful!