Another Wednesday, another release from Grooveshark. This release features a lot of behind-the-scenes fixes that should make Grooveshark perform like a bosshark. There are two features of note, however, that we think you should know about.

First, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made it easy for you to find your Facebook friends on Grooveshark! Now, when you connect to Facebook, we offer you the ability to find your other Groovy friends!

If you’ve never linked your Grooveshark and Facebook accounts before, the option should pop up when you connect for the first time. If you’re already connected, you can find your friends by opening up your Account menu, choosing Settings and then Third Party Settings, and clicking the ‘Find Friends’ button. Check it out:

Second, we’ve added an ‘Extras’ section to the Account menu. This page highlights some of the lesser-known features of Grooveshark. At the moment, all of the features listed here are for Plus and Anywhere subscribers only, but we’ll be adding more extras in the future!

Oh, and Twitter Sharing works again . More awesome coming soon! 

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