It’s not every day we encounter an artist who combines multiple genres into one unique and very holistic sound that just, well, works.

Austin, TX native and multi-instrumentalist Max Frost’s influences come from “everything he’s ever heard.”  An admission that’s evident in his Adam Levine styled tenor, albeit infused with a unique staccato, or the Gnarls Barkley soul with an added electro-pop edge.

Frost is an alluring enigma of an artist that can’t be pigeonholed in a category, and subsequently, neither can his new EP High Low High – released on October 9 via Atlantic Records.

The opening track “White Lies” has already received rave reviews due to its accessible power pop characteristics – filled to the brim with punchy vocals, clever guitar rifts and strategically placed synth snippets.

Another standout single is “Suspended Animation,” a swingy ballad featuring video game sounds and a funky folk sing-speaking style reminiscent of Shawn Mullins and 90s alt-pop.

The EP respects our time; it’s a five-song sampler platter spanning 16 minutes (and just as many genres) that doesn’t leave us wanting. So if you like music, we’re pretty sure you’re going to enjoy this feast of a new release, available for purchase, here.