Hey Sharks,

Everyday we try to get a little better. That being said, we have some awesome new updates and upgrades that were built with the intent of making you smile.

Aside from our home page being faster than it has ever been, we have also added some new perks for our Grooveshark Anywhere subscribers. Check ‘em out:


  • Personalize your Grooveshark profile pages now with our new Customized Themes! Whether it is a picture of your favorite band, or a photo of Pookie, your pet Pomeranian, our new themes allow you to show the Grooveshark community more of your personality. Check out the video below to see how it works.
  • We’ve brought back our Visualizers! And we’ve also added a few new styles for you to choose from. Next time you are jamming out to tunes on Grooveshark, just click open the dropdown menu under the Queue button and select Visualizers to start the show.
  • Profile Cards! Peeking at different friends, and casual acquaintances on Grooveshark has become even easier with our new profile cards. If you are hanging out in a Broadcast , just click a user’s name to see their Followers, Broadcast Plays, and Top Artists!

Want to be part of what makes Grooveshark the best place to listen, share, and collect music on the web? Join your fellow Sharks who consistently provide us with important feedback and email your suggestions to support@grooveshark.com.