He was born in Canada, raised in Portugual, and currently resides in Finland. However, despite the fact that Miguel C. has experienced life around the globe, his history of travel is not the only attribute that makes this Shark a man of the world. With over 2,000 Grooveshark followers from around the globe, and over 700 listeners tuning into his broadcast daily, “Migmagnific" is the talent behind one of the most popular rock broadcasts on Grooveshark.

“…I used to listen to this old cassette from my father all the time, it had classic rock and blues on it. That was probably the biggest influence shaping my taste of music. Before Grooveshark I had only a few experiences as a DJ, I did a couple of parties for friends and one village party. I still remember the excitement and nervousness I felt on that village party, there was about 50 people.

When I discovered Grooveshark, I was happy to find out I could have the experience of being a DJ again. I never thought it would become such an important thing.”

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