Hey Sharks,

Sharing new site updates always gets us a little giddy, and this week is no different. We have tweaked our site to make your eyes happier, your broadcasts more interactive, and your listening experience more enjoyable.


  • New: Introducing Broadcast Leaderboards. We have all become familiar with some of the rockstar broadcasters on Grooveshark, and now we can really see how our tastemakers stack up against one another. With the ability to filter by genre and date, users can now peek at which stations are climbing the charts.
  • New: We’ve tweaked our song pages. Album art is now displayed in a large beautiful banner across the page. In addition, we’ve made “Comments” more visible, allowing you to instantly see what other members in the community are saying about the track.
  • You can now use your keyboard navigations to maneuver through the auto-complete functionality in our Search bar.
  • We’ve also made our usual bug fixes and edits to make hopping around Grooveshark even easier.

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