Hey Sharks! Here are our updates and changes for this week.


  • We have a fancy new invite lightbox! If you’re inviting from a broadcast, you can choose your friends in this nifty ‘people selector’ area.
  • You can now delete recordings! Any recordings that you’ve created can now be removed. Look for the delete button under the recordings menu.
  • You can now follow users via the chat! You will notice a little “+” when you hover your mouse over a users name in the chat window.
  • Some of our top level genres have descriptions which were written in-house by our very own genre specialists! Check out Jazz, Country, and Ambient just to name a few.
  • Now Playing Page has been upgraded! For easier control of your queue, we have added a toolbar with options to remove or add selected songs.

And as always we have fixed quite a few bugs that you all have reported.

If you have any trouble feel free to email us at support@grooveshark.com.