Designer themes? Grooveshark’s got ‘em. Our designers have turned it up to 11 to provide you with some of the grooviest art to compliment your listening experience.

First, all users will be able to access Groovin’ and Sharkin’. For this theme, we translated one of the works of MarcPaperScissor, a maker of intricate paper-cut pieces, into digital image:

Premium users will be able to access all these other new themes from the theme selector. The theme selector is located on the right-hand side of the home page, above the queue.

From James' theme-a-day project, we've got Campfire, which is lovely and subtly detailed, and Chilly Hills:

Next, from designer Taurean Bryant, we’ve got Cheeter and Tragedy, which strikes me as being creepily beautiful.

Lastly, our designer Scott has created Circleism. He says, “I was thinking about fractals and tidal waves and wanted to see what it would take to combine the aspects.”

Enjoy, and have a great weekend.