Hey everyone, it’s that time of week again!

First things first — according to the Web team, we’ve achieved a great advance in site performance. For IE users, the site will load up to 2 seconds faster, Firefox will load 1.5 seconds faster, and Chrome users will have a loading time that’s been decreased by 0.2 seconds. Tiny but extremely significant gains, if you ask us.

Facebook login should work a lot better.

We fixed the issue in IE where the theme would leak through the search page, and some bugs in IE8 specifically that will let us make huge performance advances in IE by as early as next week.

As usual, if you’re having any problems with the changes on the site, hit us up on Facebook, Twitter, or email Support!

Last but not least, we’ve released a ridiculously cool new feature for all you Grooveshark-loving party animals. Meet Chanel:

chanel's default pose

Chanel’s one of our web developers and also one of the most jovial people I’ve ever met in my entire life. One night, while responsibly enjoying an adult beverage, Chanel, a true visionary, thought it would be a great idea if Grooveshark could power a Power Hour. Putting his skills to great use, he’s done just that. Grooveshark Plus and Anywhere members, feast your eyes on —- Power Hour Mode. (Also, check it out, the queue size selector is back for those of you with smaller resolutions!)

Set up a playlist, activate power hour mode, and boom. No more having to check clocks or turn cumbersome hourglasses. The song you’re listening to will end after one minute, alerting everyone present that it’s that time again.