Though their name may be reminiscent of vulture fixings and phantom singers, the long-haired Florida boys of Roadkill Ghost Choir are far from the gloomy spectres their name suggests. Inexhaustible jokesters would be a shortcoming if you had to define these Atlantic coast dudes. Despite their cheery attitudes, Roadkill Ghost Choir has a unique way of mixing twangy guitar melodies, simplistic percussions, and wonderfully shaky vocals to create a style oaf folk rock that is both haunting yet entrancing. Comprised of Kiffy Myer, Stephen Garza, Joey Davoli, and brothers Andrew, Zach and Max Shepard, Roadkill Ghost Choir popped in on the Grooveshark office and delighted the Sharks with an intimate set in our studio. We spent some extra time after the set and found out more about the guys, friends, and brothers that make up the voice of the Roadkill Ghost Choir.

GS: How was the process of putting your first E.P. together?

The Process was an interesting one. When we first started recording back in July 2011 we were pretty much a different band. We had only been around for about 6-7 months at that point and we were incredibly naive to recording as a band. After our first recording session we took some time to sort of evaluate what we had produced and where we were heading. That made a big difference in the end. In this time period we became aware of the direction we wanted to take the band. We went back into studio and recorded another group of songs that we felt were a lot better than the first go around. Overall, it was incredibly fun and a great learning experience for us on how to utilize a studio. It was also stressful and had those moments of pure madness but the good outweighs the bad. 

GS: You guys have an extensive east coast tour coming up, the largest you’ve done so far, how are you feeling about it?

This will be our first real tour. It brings an array of emotions. I am mostly excited to be going out and playing pretty much every night for 2-3 weeks but there is also the parking. I hate parking in cities. We’re all kind of terrified of driving in NY. I’ll miss my bed and sleeping for a solid 8+ hours but it’ll be worth it.

GS: With 3 brothers in a band, does it feel like there’s ever sibling rivalry?

We are all slackers. So, motivation doesn’t come easy. Actually, when it comes to playing and recording we usually get pretty excited and don’t need too much motivation to prop us up on stage. Having brothers in the band is an interesting dynamic. We get along pretty well but we’re looking forward to having our Gallagher Bros. meltdown on stage. That’ll be fun.

GS: What albums can you say defined you as people/musicians?

For me, Kid A by Radiohead. The first time I heard the opening of “Everything In Its Right Place” I was forever hooked. Yankee Hotel Foxtrot by Wilco is a pretty important record to all of us in the band. Everything about that record is just so strange and continuously relevant. Everything Gram Parsons has touched. Of course, Bob Dylan. Good Ole Bobby D.

GS: Roadkill Ghost Choir is kind of a heavy name for an indie folk-rock band. Where did you come up with that name?


We’ve never really mastered the dark arts and the black magiks so we don’t commune with or for those poor lost animal souls. Maybe one day our hearts will grow black enough to perform such an exhausting feat of pure evil wizardry. Garza came up with the name before he joined the band. He was planning on using it in another folk band. We liked the name so we made him give it to us. We did not ask politely. We almost recently changed it because of some stupid reasons and that might have been a huge mistake. Who knows. I for one, like the name Roadkill Ghost Choir and so does everyone else in the world. No one on this small blue dot has a negative thing to say about us. That’s mostly because most of the worlds population has no clue who we are.

GS: What is something you want listeners to know about RKGC?

We’re all pretty awkward so please, forgive us if we make things slightly uncomfortable. We mean well, really.

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