flat•tr  | ‘flatər |

n. the worlds first social micro-payment system

v. a unique way to contribute to content creators on the web
and to show love for artists on Grooveshark.

It’s no secret that the Sharks have a passion for music, technology, and innovation, so it only makes sense for us to recognize an amazing company that has created a service that manages to fuse together all three.

Flattr is a social micro-donation system that offers internet users a unique way to contribute to great content all across the web. When a user signs up with Flattr, they can add money into a monthly online allowance. The allowance then gets evenly split and 90% of funds are given directly to any artists, entities, or campaigns flattr’d that month .

Flattring Artists on Grooveshark
The latest version of Grooveshark has been loaded with amazing new features, one of which is the ability for anyone with a Flattr account to contribute to an artist they enjoy via Flattr buttons located on artist, album, and song pages.  In addition to the Flattr button, we have included a brand new function called Listen and Flattr that allows users to automatically Flattr artists by listening to their music. When enabled, any “flattr-able” artist will automatically be flattr’d at the end of a song. It’s the easiest way to flattr the artists you love on Grooveshark!

If you are an artist on Grooveshark and are interested in making sure your account is flattrable, email us at support@grooveshark.com and we will take care of it!

Set up an account on Flattr and head back to Grooveshark to start giving your favorite artists something to blush about. Check back with the Grooveshark Blog every week to see more exclusive updates, interviews with amazing bands, and more notifications that are sure to make you smile.