Good news! We just released updates to three of our mobile platforms: iPhone, Symbian, and Android. Check out the new features and bug fixes in these updates.

iPhone v. 2.2.0, available in Cydia:

Bugs Fixed:

  • Loading playlists on older devices is fixed
  • General stability increased
  • Your favorites now load more quickly.
  • Better offline stability.
  • Improved playback buffering.
  • Improved sorting performance.
  • Radio station (user or tag) persists between sessions.
  •  Overall increase in app responsiveness.


  • New “Refresh” feature! Sync changes to your playlists and favorited songs from the cloud in seconds.

Symbian update 1.2, available at


  • If a song fails to offline, the song is pushed back into the offline queue and two more attempts to offline it will be made.
  • Song Duration and Cover Art now displayed for offlined songs.

Bug Fixes:

  • The API has been updated to use the latest Methods.
  • List functionality changed to speed up the application
  • Settings screen updated to display version number, amount of disk space used and ability to clear all offlined content.
  • Number of songs fetched increased to 600 (up from 100)
  • Now Playing icon now shows which song is playing.
  • You can now save Volume level and other settings

Android 2.2.1:

Bug Fixes:

  • Various changes to HTC EVO problems.
  • Fixed Playlist/Station crashes on Android 1.5 phones.
  • Improved application liveliness, responsiveness, and startup time.
  • Improved album art offlining and caching.
  • Improved playback across most devices.
  • Fixed configuration change bugs.
  • Various fixes to playlist and favorites syncing.