Hey everyone! Thought we would provide an update on the New York Supreme Court’s decision earlier this week. The Court’s decision on the DMCA is significant not only for Grooveshark, but for this industry as a whole, as the Court clarified and confirmed that Internet Service Providers like YouTube, Pinterest and Grooveshark are protected by a broad “safe harbor” from claims of copyright infringement based on user-uploaded content. Grooveshark is also pleased that the Court is permitting it to proceed with its counterclaims, which raise serious issues regarding UMG’s past business practices. This is the latest in a series of important legal victories for Grooveshark, which looks forward to continuing to contribute to the innovations and new technologies that are re-inventing the music business.

If you’re keen on diving into the legalese, here’s a link to the official decision: UMG Recordings, Inc. vs. Escape Media Group, Inc.