What would you do to meet meet Tiësto?

We love to see sharks getting hooked up with awesome opportunities, so we got together with LoadnVote to bring you this sweet contest to go to Bounce Music Festival  with VIP tickets and backstage passes to meet Tiësto!

A quick bit about the contest & LoadnVote:
    Snag yourself two VIP tickets + backstage passes to see Tiësto perform at Indiana University during Little 500 by Loading a 10 - 30 video on the contest page  before this Saturday (April 14th), describing what you’d do to meet Tiësto. The video with the most votes takes the prize, so get creative with it.

    Loadnvote is a contest-based website where people can compete for prizes and possibly gain some fame. Contests can be premised on musical talent, comedy routines, writing the most clever caption, and everything in between. Whether or not you’re the most talented shark you know, there are prizes for everyone to win, ranging from placement in a performance to a live audience, winning a free iPad, and free vacations (hint: Spring Break is right around the corner). All of these prizes are within your reach on LoadnVote as long as you’re willing to “Expose Yourself”.

Love & Awesome Contests,
Grooveshark & LoadnVote