Now that Grooveshark VIP has officially changed into Grooveshark Plus and Grooveshark Anywhere, we just have a few things we’d like to share.

"Grooveshark is broke."

You just heard? :)  We’ve been busting our sharky-bums to try to bring you guys the music you love for a while now. We love it, so we don’t expect to make much—we still eat Easy Mac!

As this week starts to wrap up and changes get put in place, a special thanks to everyone for your love and kind words. For everyone who has experienced recent problems, we’re sorry. We’ve had one of the worst weeks of our existence, and as I write this at 2 AM I’m surrounded by no less than 10 other sharks working late into the night to make things as awesome as possible.

We’ll never charge for We believe that having instant access to the music you love, free, is important. In fact, it’s our main priority. We’re also going to keep working on cool ways to expand and extend the ways we get music to you guys and—whether it’s $3, $6, whatever—any support you give us goes to support our hearts, the music, and the Grooveshark.

Oh, and there’s one last thing we’ve been working on for you…