Grooveshark in Every Language!

You’re not dreaming. Grooveshark Community Team’s dapper duo is asking for you.

    We love music. Seriously. We really, really love music. More importantly, and the reason why you’re reading this now, is we realize that the love of music is absolutely, most certainly not limited to English speakers. Every speaker of every language deserves an accessible source of awesome music. Our response to this notion?

Nothing Is Stronger than Community

    In order to translate all of Grooveshark to as many languages as possible, we’re calling upon the awesome community of Grooveshark users. We’re also offering some sweet incentives for participation:

  • After you’ve submitted 100 approved translation suggestions, email and you’ll get a free month of Grooveshark Anywhere! You can track this by clicking “My Account” at the top right of the translation site while logged in.
  • After 400 total approved suggestions we’ll add an additional three months.
  • Of course, we’re growing this awesome project together with the community, so we have plans to add higher tier rewards and/or make it a sweeter deal for participants once we have a better idea how many people become involved. :)

List-O-Languages Needing Multilingual Attention

Steps to Get Started!

1.    If you don’t already have one, go to the Grooveshark Translate page to register a username, preferrably using your Grooveshark username.
2.  Write a short 2-3 sentence sample for each language you’re proficient in. Make it funny if you’d like — we love jokes.
3.    Email the written samples and your Grooveshark Translate username to (be sure to let us know your Grooveshark username if it’s different from your translate username).
4.  Kick back and relax! (You can, however, expect a response fairly quickly)

Love & Multiple Language Compatibility,
Grooveshark & the Dapper Duo

Edit:  Fixed/added to “List-O-Languages Needing Multilingual Attention” section.