As you know if you read the announcement we made a while back, or saw the gigantic counter over on our VIP page, the price of Grooveshark VIP is going up on December 1.  A few weeks ago, I wrote:

"In order to keep our doors open, continue feeding Pickles, and keep compensating all of our artist and label partners for their great tunes, the price of VIP is set to increase on December 1.”

As December 1 is nigh upon us, the change is almost here. Here’s what’s changing: $6/month (or $60/year) for Grooveshark Plus, and $9/month ($90/year) for Grooveshark Anywhere.

Grooveshark Plus will include everything VIPs get now, with one exception: devices. Desktop app, no ads ever, priority support, and all the fixings—not to mention the love and appreciation of our small team—will be there.

Grooveshark Anywhere gets you all the goodness of VIP, as well as Grooveshark Mobile, and the additional device partnerships and integrations we’re really excited about for 2011.

While we wish we could give up eating to keep prices as low as possible, two things will never change.  

  1. Grooveshark will always be free. Listening to millions of songs, making playlists, and sharing tunes with your friends will always be free to your heart’s content.
  2. If you sign up for Grooveshark VIP at the current price before December 1, you will never be charged more than $3 a month. Your account will be grandfathered in, and you will have access to our mobile apps—and everything else we ever make.

So if you’ve been putting it of, now is the time to go VIP. And if you have any questions, give me a comment or ask here!