Introducing ToGrooveshark. This awesome, free utility empowers the modern playlist aficionado to import and organize their Spotify playlists on Grooveshark. Who doesn’t love having their favorite playlists organized in one place for easy access and better organization, right? Peep the process below to see how simple it is!

Step One, Grooveshark Login.

        Enter your Grooveshark username/email address and password, then click “Login To Grooveshark”. Grooveshark has confirmed that your login credentials are sent securely with encryption.

Step Two, Make the Playlist.

        Select a name for your playlist, go to Spotify and open the playlist you would like to import and copy the HTTP link for all the songs in the playlist (detailed, simple 4-step instructions on ToGrooveshark). Click “Match Up Songs” and you’ve saved yourself the time of having to reconstruct that playlist song-by-song on Grooveshark.

        We love the idea behind this website. As a company, we’re always stoked to see new tools and features that make it easier for users to enjoy their tunes.  ToGrooveshark is the side project of two Grooveshark employees, Julia-the-usability-Jedi-Anderson and James-he’s-unstoppable-Hartig. Word on the street is they plan to keep building and making additions to this tool, so check back to see what’s new!

The Bond-esque name also deserves major kudos.

Love and playlists,


UPDATE: There’s a similar service, Groovylists, which lets you convert your playlists from other services as well, such as and iTunes. Check them out!