In an effort to span over this confounded series of tubes and reach as many mobile music listeners as we can, we’ve done the unthinkable.

iOS? We got there.

Android 2.3+?   We got there.

Playbook? We got there.

TouchPad? Yep.  There too.

Should you choose to accept your mission: #soopersecretbeta.

!!!  For covert ops points, try it on an html5 device not listed above and report your findings to Dr. Lovedoctor at for your bonus surprise.


Ninja devs hear whispers in the wind about problems with HTML5 app

As of 10:30pm Friday the 13th, styling issues across all platforms should be resolved and problems on WP7 have been fixed as well. If you’re having styling issues or running into problems on WP7, clear the cache in your mobile browser settings, then re-enter in the address bar and load the page again.

Update: 6:00pm 1/18/2011

We gave it our all, but HTML5 won’t be on WP7

At the outset of launching HTML5, we were rather excited at the prospect of supporting WP7 devices. Unfortunately, due to complications with HTTP and HTTPS in the IE9 browser, the HTML5 app will not work on WP7 phones anytime in the foreseeable future. This is as frustrating for us as it is for WP7 users. If you would like a more detailed technical explanation on why we’re unable to support WP7, please read this post by one of the developers who works extensively with the app. Thank you all for your support and assistance with this beta.