1. We would like to formally introduce you to one of our favorite upcoming artists, Thurz

    Thurz is an ambitious rapper that is getting recognition for his original rhymes that cover a wide range of topics with substance. Thurz grew up with uncles that were DJs and filled his house constantly with an array of soca, reggae and dancehall. He learned at a young age that music has a power to unite people and felt compelled to participate.

    Last month, Thurz released a new mixtape entitled LA Riot, this is his manifesto:

    I Riot, because BET has failed every generation after 1999. I Riot, because Top 40 Radio plays the same electro/techno-based songs 10 times an hour. I Riot, because the artists that are forced upon the masses are hybrid clones with the same content in every song. I Riot, because I haven’t felt the same love and attachment for an album since Redman’s Muddy Waters. I Riot for the freedom of music and art that has been incarcerated. Freedom to express oneself allows for a generation of unique thinkers with artillery to blast the narrow-minded capitalist to vapors.

    The Basics

    ·      Given Name: Yannick Koffi
    ·      Age: Immortal
    ·      Hometown: Inglewood, CA 

    What instruments do you play?

     I play qwerty in social media

    Describe your music in 3 words. 

    Los Angeles Riots

    What Movie do you wish you made the soundtrack to?

    Coming to America

    What’s your spirit animal?

    I don’t know…I’m guessing a Lion

    What song is your guiltiest pleasure?

    “Firework” by Katy Perry and “Who Da Neighbors” by Juicy J

    And last but not least, what’s your favorite food? 

    Anything Thai

    To listen to Thurz’s new mixtape LA Riot, click here or listen below.

  2. We’re excited to announce that Grooveshark has signed deals with worldwide distribution network DashGo and NuGroove Records!

    DashGo's happy to offer fans an additional outlet to discover music and excited that Grooveshark's made a commitment to compensating DashGo artists for their work,” says Ben Patterson, President of DashGo, Inc.

    Dashgo represents 115 labels including Delicious Vinyl and Time Records; More than 4,500 bands like Weezer and Coconut Records; and over 50,000 tracks come from DashGo. Known for their soulful hits, NuGroove is the original home for smooth jazz icon Michael Lington.

    "We’re excited to have inked a licensing deal with a distributor and label that provides as much value to its artists as DashGo and NuGroove.  We look forward to working with them to build the fan bases of the independent artists they represent," says Jack DeYoung, SVP of Music Strategy at Grooveshark.

  3. Sharks, we have a big announcement!

    Grooveshark is getting a site redesign! Everyone here has been working diligently to improve Grooveshark to be more seamless, aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate. Our last site redesign was in December of 2010 and this redesign promises to be the best Grooveshark it can be. To reward our loyal users we are giving our subscribers an early access preview.

    Some aspects of the site redesign include a subtle facelift to the aesthetics, improvements to navigation, improvements to the queue and improvements to the social aspects of Grooveshark. The new social aspects will include new artist profile pages, new user profile pages, an improved community section and improved activity feeds. There will also be a new explore section with a discovery aspect including featured music and recommendations.

    Because we love the people who read our blog, we are sharing some screenshots to give a preview of some of the new features! 

    We’ve made some changes to make it easier to navigate Grooveshark, no matter what page you’re on. The new top navigation bar lets you quickly search for music, find your friends and feeds, view your music, and go to our new section, Explore.

    Explore is a brand new section of Grooveshark that helps you discover all kinds of new music. From new releases to featured playlists, popular songs and genre Radio Stations, Explore will help you find great music that you’re going to love.

    On the Artists page you can browse, discover or keep up with any artist you’d like!

    Here you can keep up with what your favorite artists have been up to lately on the New Releases page!

    On the Popular page you can explore the most popular songs being played on Grooveshark.

    Here you can browse and listen to the array of stations that Grooveshark has predesigned based on genre.

    Clicking on My Music takes you to your library of songs, playlists, favorites, and all the things you’ve pinned to your sidebar—your quick list of all your favorite playlists, songs, and stations.

    Your Favorites live here!

    Here are all of your playlists, neatly organized for you to find and jam out to!

    We’ve updated the Community page to make it easier to track what your shark friends are listening to! 

    This is what it will look like when you go to find a song and play it. 

    This page shows how artists will be organized. There will be tabs for activity, songs, albums and events. 

    We hope you enjoy the redesign and let us know what you think! We will unveil the official redesign to all of our users in the near future - stay tuned!

  4. Attention all bands: Win a marketing or recording budget from Patron XO!

    Grooveshark exists because of it’s passion for music and helping artists succeed and create. We have decided to partner with Patron XO who share similar passions for music and artists, alike. 

    Patron XO and Grooveshark are hosting the XO Cafe Music Project where bands can submit their act on the Patron XO Facebook page for a chance to win a promoting, recording or touring budget!

    The three winning bands can pick what package they need in order to succeed. You will need a Bandcamp account to sign up. Acts that sign up will also receive invaluable information and tips from industry experts about breaking into music! Grooveshark will also provide A&R representation to judge band submissions and give professional insight into the band they deem the most talented.  Submissions are open until October 24th when the contest will then enter the voting stage to choose the winners.

    The judging panel will be composed of Grooveshark’s Artist Development & Label Relations teams, whom all have experience working with hundreds of artists spanning all genres. Factors that will be considered include: Play data, listener feedback, social media/blog presence and touring experience.
    We can’t wait to hear/see all of your submissions and we’re looking forward to your band getting the next big break!

  5. Today at Grooveshark we are getting ready for the weekend. This means less words and more photos. We have put together a little montage of some truly awesome, recent Grooveshark photos for you all. We saved the best for last. Enjoy!

    Wyclef Jean visited the Grooveshark office in New York today! As you can see from the photo everyone is excited out of their minds.

    One of our sharks sent us a picture of their bunny, Hef, wearing some sweet Grooveshark shades.

    Grooveshark employees are committed.

    D-Roc of the Ying Yang Twins representing Grooveshark in Atlanta today.

    The official Halloween mascot, Catcher. 

    Fanny packs are so back in style!

    Hope you sharks enjoyed our photo montage as much as we did! We enourage anyone to send us pictures of themselves listening to Grooveshark or sporting some Grooveshark gear. Send it to us via Facebook or Twitter. Oh and it’s almost Friday! 

  6. Here at Grooveshark, we’re all about discovering new artists. This week we’re kicking off our new initiative, Grooveshark Artist Profiler, where we introduce to you some of our favorite upcoming musicians. Each week we’ll be interviewing some of the latest and greatest emerging artists so you can get to know a little more about their sound. We’re rolling out our very first Grooveshark Artist Profiler with Mat Musto, so read on to learn more about this incredible new artist!

    Mat Musto, aka Blackbear, is a gifted artist who produces feel-good music with an intriguing voice that is hard not to love.

    Mat, now 20, started playing guitar when he was six years old. He considers himself the “Johnny Depp” of the music industry and has been rocking the underground scene for the past few years. Grooveshark is loving his album “Year Of The Blackbear” and believes he’s ready for more. 

    The Basics
    ·      Given Name: Mat Musto AKA Blackbear
    ·      Age: 20
    ·      Hometown: Daytona Beach, FL

    What instruments do you play?

    I sing, dance, and play the guitar, bass, drums, piano, harmonica, banjo, organ, and the human heart.

    Who would be your dream collaboration?

    I would love to collaborate with Chis Martin, Jakob Dylan, Andrew McMahon, Kanye West, or Hall & Oates.. but most of all I’d like to do something with Gaga.. we’re both weird.

    Describe your music in 3 words.

    Self-dissect, storybook, human-emotions.

    Most visited websites?

    Tumblr.com, cute pets / kittens blog, anything with pictures of nice butts, twitter, and wikipedia.

    What’s your spirit animal?

    Michelle Branch

    And last but not least, what’s your favorite food?

    Anything Vegetarian / Italian/ Mexican .. Perogies.. sometimes leftover fried rice.. Spicy shit too. Lot’s of organics and Naked drinks.. Arizona cranberry tea.

    Upon hearing that Mat Musto mentioned Michelle Branch in this interview with Grooveshark, Michelle responded to him on Twitter and seemingly making his day with this:

    You can listen to Mat’s album “Year Of The Blackbear” below!

  7. Big news, sharks! All of us at Grooveshark have been awaiting this day for quite some time now. Our friends, Quiet Company, released their new album “We Are All Where We Belong" today! "We Are All Where We Belong" is a 15-track album that includes honest lyrics about life, love, and philosophy, paired with catchy melodies that are sure to capture and keep your interest. We can’t get enough of this awesome new album, and if you want to check it out yourself, you can purchase a digital copy of the album here, or stream it now on Grooveshark here.

    One of our favorite parts about Quiet Company is that they’re as amazing live as they are on their album. But don’t take our word for it… check out their live performance from this past weekend in Austin, TX here

    Not only did Quiet Company release their new album, but they’ve just launched Battle of the Beards: The Contest, where you can win an all-expenses paid trip to Orlando Calling!

    Quiet Company is hosting the awesome and hilarious contest in honor of their album release. The contest requires you to upload your best/most creative picture of you sporting a beard like the boys of Quiet Company (see above). The beard can be real, drawn on, glued on, photoshopped, sewn, whatever! If you are picked you could win the grand prize which includes two roundtrip flights, hotel, and tickets to the Orlando Calling Music Festival for you and a guest of your choice. This includes a Meet and Greet with Quiet Company, the new album, and Grooveshark Anywhere. For all the details on how you can enter and win, click here!

  8. Moogfest is a three-day, multi-venue festival honoring Robert Moog, his innovative vision and his inventions that have changed music. The festival, which kicks off on October 28th until the 30th, is located in the historical downtown of Asheville, NC, the location where Robert Moog lived the last 30 years of his life. The lineup includes bands such as Moby, TV On The Radio, The Flaming Lips, Battles, Passion Pit, M83 and many more. 

    In addition to concerts, there will be panel discussions with the artists, workshops, question and answer sessions, and a variety of Moog instruments for the audience to explore. 

    Grooveshark is giving away a pair of tickets to Moogfest! In addition to a pair of tickets to the festival, Grooveshark is giving away four vinyls from the band Battles, buttons and stickers. The albums, pictured below, include “Glass Drop”, “Ice Cream”, “My Machines”, and “Tonto+”.  

    To enter to be the lucky winner to win a pair of tickets to Moogfest, follow the steps below:

    1. Follow @Grooveshark on Twitter

    2. RT this Tweet: 

     RT @Grooveshark: Grooveshark Giveaway: win Moogfest tickets! Check out http://tny.gs/nGPbqk for more info #Moogfest

    Simple as that! The contest begins now and will end on Friday, October 14th at 4pm EST. Only one entry per person. We will randomly pick a winner and announce  him/her on Twitter on 10/14.

    If you have any questions, just ask us at twitter.com/Grooveshark. Now, get to tweeting!

  9. The Big Android BBQ kicks off tonight in Austin, TX and the Android team from Grooveshark will be in attendance!

    Google’s Android platform has managed to become one of the fastest growing and popular platforms in the world in just three years! Google calls the Big Android BBQ a “Funvention”. A great opportunity for developers, vendors and Android enthusiasts to get out of the office and have some fun while learning new things and getting to know one another. If you happen to be in attendance be sure to stop by the Grooveshark table for some fun, information and swag! Happy Friday Sharks!

  10. Our friends, DWNTWN, a creative duo that finds the perfect mix of electronic and pop released their first mixtape “Midnight Ride" yesterday.

    The mixtape which was mixed by DJ Skeet Skeet features originals, covers and remixes. Grooveshark is really into the way DWNTWN has incorporated electronic, pop and hip hop in a way that can make you want to have an impromptu dance party or just chill and enjoy the airy vocals mixed with the cool backbeats. Head over to their Facebook for a free download or listen to a few tracks here on Grooveshark.

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