1. Grooveshark Featured Video Friday

    Elemental Light (Remix)

    by The Cult’s

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  2. Grooveshark Featured Video Friday


    by The xx

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  3. These United States- “Let the River In” 

    Grooveshark Sessions

    Enjoy the These United States in their first Grooveshark Session for the song, Let the RIver In. 

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Listen to them now on Grooveshark!

    Subscribe to the Grooveshark Channel on Youtube and be the first to see our exclusive Sessions! Stay tuned tomorrow at 3pm EST as we debut the Grooveshark Session for These United States. 

    Listen to them now on Grooveshark!

  5. The Creators Proejc

    For the past 3 years, The Creators Project has been showcasing some of the coolest content on the web from some of the most creative individuals on the planet. Highlighting individuals and initiatives that fuse together art and modern technology, this product of VICE Magazine and Intel is establishing itself as a pioneer of a new digital media renaissance. Check out one of their latest featured projects, the music video Eclipse/Blue by Nosaj Thing. Head over to their site to discover more about the work they are doing or  check out some of the other cool videos that the Creators Project is serving up by heading to the Grooveshark homepage and exploring through our Featured Videos.

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    Special Holiday Promotion

    Grooveshark Anywhere is now more than 40% off this holiday season and we want you to take advantage of this offer. Purchase a subscription for yourself, or a friend, by heading to our site and start enjoying the very best of Grooveshark!  

  7. Jacob Jeffries Band - “Coming Home” 

    Grooveshark Sessions

    Enjoy the Jacob Jeffries Band in their first Grooveshark Session for the song, Coming Home. Head back to Grooveshark to listen to the rest of their new album, Tell Me Secrets. 

    Check out our exclusive interview with Jacob.

  8. The Water Cooler

    with Jacob Jeffries Band

    A few weeks back, we had the pleasure of hosting the Jacob Jeffries Band for a performance at our in-office studio. This high-spirited Florida band had all the Sharks gleefully bobbing their heads to gritty pop tunes and soulfully charged vocals. Fresh from a chain of performances along the East Coast, the band’s front man, Jacob Jeffries, took some time away from coaching musical theatre in South Florida to catch up and talk about some of the band’s upcoming projects. Be sure to check out the video for Suffocate My Heart off their latest album, Tell Me Secrets, at the end of the interview.

    GS:    Hey Jacob! Last time when you guys were at our office, the band had to head out that evening for a chain of upcoming shows, how did that go?

    JJ:    Great man. It was like a nice little almost-vacation. The traveling aspect is always going to be a part of any band’s career, and in this day and age you have to get the music to the people, but starting in a couple of weeks we are actually going to be based mainly out of New York.

    GS:    Are you excited?

    JJ:    I’m stoked, man!

    GS:    When did music become a part of your life?

    JJ:    Music is really a part of my life because of my mom’s passion for the Beatles and the music she grew up on. My mom is a pretty introverted person, and I think she found a lot of comfort and safety in music growing up. When others would have been going out and gallivanting around town, she found more happiness in just listening to a Beatles record, y’know? So, growing up that was all I listened to and I loved it, I embraced it, and I wanted to be them.

    GS:    How did the band get together?

    JJ:    I met my guitarist, Jimmy Powers, when we were in high school and he was known as this hotshot guitarist. He was in this amazing band that I just literally drooled over. I used to look up to them so much and I was kind of scared of them because, in my head, they were kind of famous. Anyway, in my sophomore/junior year I started jamming with Jimmy and he asked his band if they would be interested in jamming with me. After that his funk band started playing my songs with me and backing me up, and it was kind of this cool full-circle thing. I couldn’t believe that the drummer was playing drums for me, that Jimmy was playing guitar for me, and I was playing with this amazing band that I marveled at and loved for so long.

    GS:    I am curious to know who was Jacob Jeffries in high school. What album really defined you at that time of your life?

    JJ:    I was friends with a lot of different people in the high school food chain but I mainly did a lot of the musical performing arts stuff like drama, chorus, and jazz band. If I had to define myself with an album in high school, I would actually have to mention a couple albums. When Gavin DeGraw came on the scene, and his first album came out, I couldn’t stop playing that with my girlfriend at the time. There was also a Rufus Wainwright album called Release the Stars that I listened to a lot. Sprinkle in the Beatles and pepper in some Fountains of Wayne and you got my high school playlist.

    GS:    You guys have been together for nearly a decade in different incarnations. Any advice to other bands on trying to make it in the industry?

    JJ:    There was advice that was given to me years ago, and I try to practice it everyday: it’s not to compare yourself to others. Comparing yourself is the worst thing you can do, and it’s a disease that we all have. When you start comparing yourself to other artists and their progress or stagnancy, it starts to become more of a competition and you start losing your mind. The advice I have to other people is to put up blinders and only pay attention to yourself and your goals.

    GS:    I wanted to thank you guys, because last time you came through town you left copies of your first full studio album, Tell Me Secrets. What are the secrets or inspirations behind this album?

    JJ:    It’s pretty ironic that the album is called Tell Me Secrets because I don’t have any secrets. I am an open dude and I’ll tell you anything you want to know about me. The album is like a glimpse into some of my relationships with friends, family, and lovers, and how I feel about them, but they aren’t really secrets. That’s my job on this world, on this earth—to play music for people to relate to. And there’s no secret about that.

    GS:    How would you describe your music?

    JJ:    I feel like it makes people comfortable and it really applies to everyone on the planet. It’s kind of like the three little bears: not too hot, not too cold, not too hard, not too soft.

    GS:    Speaking of childhood, what was your program or cartoon as a kid?

    JJ:    When I was little it was definitely Rugrats, then as I got a little older it was Full House, and then I graduated to my favorite show, Freaks and Geeks. It only ran for one season but I can watch it over and over.

    GS:    What is something you want listeners to know about the Jacob Jeffries Band?

    JJ:    The music that we make and the shows that we put on are pure energy and honesty. I hope that people can relate to us and just smile that we are bringing good music to the world.

    Jacob Jeffries on Facebook
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  9. The Water Tapes

    Nada Surf - “Always Love”

    The latin based music video blog, The Water Tapes, has been covering the best of the spanish indie music scene for the past 3 years. Hosting and delivering amazing music sessions in bathrooms and lavatories, The Water Tapes make it their mission to get up close and personal with musicians. The Water Tapes snagged the opportunity to record the hit 90’s band, Nada Surf, for an acoustic session of their song, Always Love and they offered the listeners and readers at Grooveshark the exclusive opportunity to catch the release before anyone else. 



  10. flat•tr  | ‘flatər |

    n. the worlds first social micro-payment system

    v. a unique way to contribute to content creators on the web
    and to show love for artists on Grooveshark.

    It’s no secret that the Sharks have a passion for music, technology, and innovation, so it only makes sense for us to recognize an amazing company that has created a service that manages to fuse together all three.

    Flattr is a social micro-donation system that offers internet users a unique way to contribute to great content all across the web. When a user signs up with Flattr, they can add money into a monthly online allowance. The allowance then gets evenly split and 90% of funds are given directly to any artists, entities, or campaigns flattr’d that month .

    Flattring Artists on Grooveshark
    The latest version of Grooveshark has been loaded with amazing new features, one of which is the ability for anyone with a Flattr account to contribute to an artist they enjoy via Flattr buttons located on artist, album, and song pages.  In addition to the Flattr button, we have included a brand new function called Listen and Flattr that allows users to automatically Flattr artists by listening to their music. When enabled, any “flattr-able” artist will automatically be flattr’d at the end of a song. It’s the easiest way to flattr the artists you love on Grooveshark!

    If you are an artist on Grooveshark and are interested in making sure your account is flattrable, email us at support@grooveshark.com and we will take care of it!

    Set up an account on Flattr and head back to Grooveshark to start giving your favorite artists something to blush about. Check back with the Grooveshark Blog every week to see more exclusive updates, interviews with amazing bands, and more notifications that are sure to make you smile.


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