1. The Water Tapes

    Nada Surf - “Always Love”

    The latin based music video blog, The Water Tapes, has been covering the best of the spanish indie music scene for the past 3 years. Hosting and delivering amazing music sessions in bathrooms and lavatories, The Water Tapes make it their mission to get up close and personal with musicians. The Water Tapes snagged the opportunity to record the hit 90’s band, Nada Surf, for an acoustic session of their song, Always Love and they offered the listeners and readers at Grooveshark the exclusive opportunity to catch the release before anyone else. 



  2. flat•tr  | ‘flatər |

    n. the worlds first social micro-payment system

    v. a unique way to contribute to content creators on the web
    and to show love for artists on Grooveshark.

    It’s no secret that the Sharks have a passion for music, technology, and innovation, so it only makes sense for us to recognize an amazing company that has created a service that manages to fuse together all three.

    Flattr is a social micro-donation system that offers internet users a unique way to contribute to great content all across the web. When a user signs up with Flattr, they can add money into a monthly online allowance. The allowance then gets evenly split and 90% of funds are given directly to any artists, entities, or campaigns flattr’d that month .

    Flattring Artists on Grooveshark
    The latest version of Grooveshark has been loaded with amazing new features, one of which is the ability for anyone with a Flattr account to contribute to an artist they enjoy via Flattr buttons located on artist, album, and song pages.  In addition to the Flattr button, we have included a brand new function called Listen and Flattr that allows users to automatically Flattr artists by listening to their music. When enabled, any “flattr-able” artist will automatically be flattr’d at the end of a song. It’s the easiest way to flattr the artists you love on Grooveshark!

    If you are an artist on Grooveshark and are interested in making sure your account is flattrable, email us at support@grooveshark.com and we will take care of it!

    Set up an account on Flattr and head back to Grooveshark to start giving your favorite artists something to blush about. Check back with the Grooveshark Blog every week to see more exclusive updates, interviews with amazing bands, and more notifications that are sure to make you smile.


  3. Conveyor - “Woolgatherer” 

    Grooveshark Presents | Gainesville Spotlight 

    Grooveshark Presents: Gainesville Spotlight. Grooveshark recently had the opportunity to catch up with NYC-based electronic-indie-rockers Conveyor as they stopped through their old stomping grounds, Gainesville; during a national tour. Grooveshark and crew followed the band to their favorite remote location in Gainesville, the La Chua Trail Head, to record an original acoustic rendition of “Woolgatherer” off their new self-titled album. 

    Check out our exclusive interview with Evan Garfield from the band. 

  4. Dozens of special needs preschoolers view him as Mr. Garfield, but little do they know that after early mornings in the classroom, their favorite musically inclined mentor spends his evenings delivering music to the city of New York. Evan Garfield, along with his bandmates Michael Pedron, T.J. Masters, and Alan Busch of Conveyor are far from your usual mid-twenties New Yorkers. Juggling day jobs, thesis papers, and recovering from a week full of performances at CMJ Music Marathon, the guys of Conveyor exemplify that there is much more that exists behind the music. 

    Just a few hours before an evening show, Conveyor drummer Evan Garfield managed to steal away and find a few sweet minutes to hang with Grooveshark. Despite the hefty list of obligations that day, Garfield had every ounce of chipper still intact when we linked up. He admitted that though his life is riddled with the quintessential New York hustle and bustle, he is loving every minute of it. Primed and ready for a week of performances at CMJ, Garfield shared that despite currently residing in Brooklyn, he still feels like he and his bandmates are still from that college town in Florida. 

    Flacos Cuban Cafe, known for their ability to satisfy the deep-fried cravings of Gainesville’s bar hoppers, was the location that first united the quartet. Pedron and Garfield, along with fellow Gainesville musicians Michael Claytor and Devon Stuart, hosted a weekly music night at the restaurant that brought out the vocalists, instrumentalists, and music lovers from around town. This mecca for musicians introduced the future bandmates to one another and created the breeding ground for tons of other musical entities, including their long time friends Hundred Waters. Garfield shared that some of the highlights of his college experience was the sharing of music from different artists in the cramped back room of that Cuban cafe. Even though Wednesday nights at Flacos offered TJ, Alan, Michael and Evan the opportunity to play music around one another, it was not until leaving Gainesville did their musical journeys coalesce. 

    After moving to the Big Apple for graduate school, fate would have it that the rest of Evan’s mates would all emigrate to New York City as well. The years of making music around each other, paired with the fortuitous circumstances that brought them all to New York, made it impossible for the gentlemen to resist the opportunity to form a band. It all began when Evan and Michael volunteered to add their drum and bass on some demos created by TJ and Alan under the band name Conveyor.

    Evan admits that the choice to keep the name Conveyor came from a pure appreciation for the aesthetic of the word and the humor that came with donning a name that was much darker and grittier than their cuddly personas (as depicted in the above picture). Conveyor’s upbeat indie melodies mixed with their Four Top esque vocal harmonies perfectly reflect the youthful quirky energy of the band. 

    Though the city of New York has yet to set up a Flacos, Garfield shared that the Big Apple is starting to feel a lot more like that small college town. Aside from the new relationships the band is forming with other musicians, CMJ week allowed for Conveyor to reunite with their old Florida friends, Hundred Waters, on the same stage again. Garfield admits that he is grateful to be able to make music, but even more grateful to see the journey that he and his friends from Gainesville are experiencing together. 

    Conveyor on Twitter: @therealconveyor

    Conveyor on Facebook

    Catch Conveyor live in Boston this Saturday, November 3, at 7:00pm at Paradise Rock Club as they open for Geographer and Freelance Whales. Head back to the Grooveshark Blog every week to check out the latest news, exclusive updates, and interviews with amazing bands like Conveyor.

  5. Good Magazine, or GOOD.IS, is a progressive online community and forum that is geared at stimulating dialogue and collaboration on matters that affect the world, for people who care about the world. 

    Their brand new project, Coding for Good, is an inventive fusion of online education and competitive gaming that allows anyone with internet access the opportunity to learn how to code. By developing a curriculum around the needs for their company, GOOD plans on offering one lucky pupil a full-time positon as a developer at GOOD, barring that they provide the winning final project based on the lessons they’ve learned. 

    GOOD teamed up with one of the Javascript blackbelts on the Grooveshark web team, Will Richardson, to lead an online video tutorial on web development. Check out the video instructional or head over to their website to see all the great things GOOD is doing.

    Head over to Grooveshark.com to enjoy some tunes or visit our About page to find out how you can join our team. Check back with the Grooveshark Blog every week for exclusive updates, artist interviews, and to see more of the GOOD things our Sharks are up doing.

  6. Awesome things are always happening in the world of digital music and in true Shark fashion, we try to find out who’s making the latest waves in the industry. Our friends over at Jamcast have created a great new server that is soon to become everyone’s one-stop-shop for all their music listening needs.

    They’ve developed a service that allows users to link in all of their favorite music players into one platform and maintain a completely online music collection that doesn’t require synching, subscription fees, or storage limits amongst many other cool features.   

    • Plays on Android Devices

      Any changes made to your audio collection will automatically be updated to Jamcast’s database in real-time. Full media scans are never required to keep Jamcast up-to-date with your collection.

    • Realtime Music Library Synchronization

      Any changes made to your audio collection will automatically be updated to Jamcast’s database in real-time. Full media scans are never required to keep Jamcast up-to-date with your collection.

    • Virtual Soundcard

      Never be limited to what you can listen to. With this feature, Jamcast will stream the same audio coming out of your PC’s speakers to any device on your home network. Any format, any source — if you can play it on your computer, you can listen to it anywhere..

    and now…

    • Infused with Grooveshark

      Grooveshark users can access their Favorites, Playlists, and their entire Music Collection using Jamcast. Head over to Jamcast now and get the exclusive offer just for Grooveshark users. 

    Head over to Jamcast now to get the limited time offer, or pop over to their Facebook page and enter for a chance to WIN a Sony Playstation 3,  free Jamcast service, and a lifetime subscription of Grooveshark Anywhere. 
    Check back with the Grooveshark Blog every week for updates, artist interviews, and more exclusive offers!

  7. image

    It has taken several months, many late nights, and endless amounts of music but we are excited to announce that the latest version of Grooveshark is now live!  Click below and be among the first to test out the amazing new features that we are serving up for artists, listeners, and the rest of the music lovers around the globe. 


    Your New Music Launchpad


    The new Grooveshark homepage is the perfect launching spot for your evolving taste in music. Discover amazing new tunes built from your music preferences or enjoy a personalized station that transforms with your unique listening habits.

    Streaming music is now a social experience. 


    Transform your listening session into a social music experience in the latest Grooveshark. Enjoy personalized stations based on your friends favorite music and peek at what they are listening to in real-time. Post updates to your Followers and Share all your favorite songs and Playlists to the most popular social media sites on the web.

    An Amazing Tool for Artists


    If you are an artist, you’re going to love our new Artists’ Dashboard! Ever cared for knowing who your biggest listeners were, or what your fans are saying about your tunes? The new artist functionalities allow artists to to interact with their audience while delivering music to the millions of Grooveshark users.

    Check back with the Grooveshark Blog every week to keep up on with our latest updates, our sessions with amazing bands, and exclusive sneak peaks.

    *The images and screenshots presented in this blog post are free for both personal, commercial, and educational use.

  8. For most of us, Tuesday borders on being the most negligible day of the week but on this particular Tuesday over 120,000 music fans, industry professionals, college radio tastemakers, bloggers, press, and musicians are gathering in NYC for the CMJ Music Marathon.

    Over 1,300 artists will be performing in nearly 80 venues across the city and our good friends Quiet Company, Hundred Waters, and Conveyor will be among the amazing bands featured at this year’s event. We want to wish all three of these bands, along with the rest of the musicians and music lovers in NYC, a great time at this amazing week of music discovery.  

    If you are an Artist and you are interested in working with Grooveshark, email us at Artists@grooveshark.com. Check back with the Grooveshark Blog every week to be updated on the latest news, interviews, and Grooveshark exclusives. 

  9. Brought to you by Beluga

    Brought to you by Beluga

  10. Hundred Waters - “Visitor” 

    Grooveshark Presents | Gainesville Spotlight (Sunroom Sessions)

    Grooveshark spent a very special Sunday afternoon with indie darlings Hundred Waters. The band invited us and our film crew over to their lake-side Gainesville abode to capture every magical minute of their live performance of Visitor for this special Grooveshark Session.  Check out our exclusive interview with Zach Tetreault from the band. 

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