1. This week’s Music Spotlight is the new self-titled EP from HIGHS, an alt-pop band from Toronto. The EP, streaming exclusively on Grooveshark from Oct 15 - Oct 21 to audiences in Canada and the US, is a collection of songs that reflect on growing up, the concept of home, and spirituality. It will be released in North America on Oct. 21, but you can listen to it now exclusively on Grooveshark. 

  2. Hello everyone! Let’s work together to create THE definitive “Throwback” Playlist. Join the conversation with us, legendary producer Elan Morrison and Stoli Vodka by tweeting your picks to #THEthrowbackplaylist. Then join us at 4pm EST to listen in at: Grooveshark.com/StoliTHEVodka.

  3. Cycl3s is our first Broadcaster turned DJ group on Grooveshark. The duo, composed of Matt Putnam of PΛΛΛЯƬY radio and his partner Neal Soderquist, recently released their first mix via MP’s Broadcast and later premiered it in WritheM Radio’s Broadcast. The guys will continue to make & premiere their progressive electronic music on Grooveshark. Give it a listen and let us know what you think. 

    Grooveshark: How did Cycl3s form and how long have you been making music together?
    Cycl3s: We have been playing music together in our punk rock band Masterbilia for 8 years and we felt the need to branch out to try something new when the other band mates were busy. I think we have always had a love for EDM style music while we were growing up and thanks to Matt’s DJ background this was a natural alternative. We have been getting into this for about 8 months now - the name Cycl3s came as a short form of a name we liked “Cycles of Science”. The three as an ”e” represents the two of us and our fans who are always so supportive.

    GS: What advice do you have for any Grooveshark users looking to get into DJing?
    Neal: Go for it! Just keep making songs and mixes, the more the better. Get some decent equipment to learn on and try it out. We all had to start somewhere! If you start now you’ll look back in a year and be really glad you started when you did.

    Matt: Start making mixes of your favorite music. In the transitions put your style of music you would like to create. This way, people will be intrigued to listen and in the mean time your listeners are getting a taste of your style. I think that a “cold start” would be to just play your own music, but it may be hard to get an audience or fan base without hearing some music in the mix that the listeners already recognize.

    GS: What’s your favorite thing about making music?
    N: Making music for me is all about the feeling and ability to get away from other things in life. When I’m working on a song I get to tune everything else out and go with what I’m feeling at the moment. This helps shape the song into whatever style I’m going for. The end result is the best reward when it all comes together.

    M: I like the different ways Neal and I are all able to collaborate on a song. We each typically start our own song and transfer it to each other to work on certain parts. We like to joke around. I always make sure to take what Neal has started and completely destroy it. I mean, obliterate it. Turn it into hardcore dubstep style. I give it back to him to see his reaction - it’s priceless. He loves it.

    GS: Who is your dream collaboration?
    N: Total dream collaboration would be with Kaskade.Huge fan. I started following him back in his House days and am surprised at this ability to still lay down an amazing set and keep up with all the up and coming DJs. He is still a huge influence on EDM.

    M: Deorro. His leads are powerful. Welp, that about sums it up!

    GS: How did you get involved with Grooveshark and why do you use it?
    N: Matt got me into Grooveshark. He started the PAAARTY Broadcast and I quickly realized how powerful and awesome Grooveshark is!It’s a great way for any artist to reach their fans and to get new ones. I use it for not only that but also to listen to tunes while I’m out and about and chat with people from across the world.

    M: I got involved with Grooveshark over a conversation about radio stations at work. I use it because of the great music environment and the people chatting are always welcoming. I’ve been using Grooveshark for about a year and have formed what I like to call a “family” where we chat and have sarcastic witty conversations. Side story - the reason PAAAARTY started was over a bet to see who could draw 1,000 followers first (I WON!). \o/

    GS: How do you see your role as a Broadcaster contributing to your DJing?
    N: I see the ability to Broadcast as another great venue to draw new fans and connect with people from across the world. Everyone seems to be from somewhere different but can all come together to enjoy music.

    M: Sometimes on occasion we will throw up a recorded call out letting people know we’re “live” and then play a Cycl3s mix. Having the ability to Broadcast is great as fans and followers can quickly jump in and take a listen. Using call outs is a powerful way to quickly alert the audience  that something special is about to play.

    GS: What is your favorite product you can’t live without?
    N: Bumble and Bumble. Enough said. Gotta look good! ;)

    M: My electric guitar - a 2001 Gibson Les Paul DoubleCut.

  4. Our Music Spotlight this week is up-and-coming DJ & producer, Draper. His work is designed to engage and embrace a range of genres through original creations in tandem with a string of prolific remixes – laden with a unique, liquidstep style of production. We had a chance to chat with Draper about his music and recommendations for other musicians.

    Grooveshark: Who is your dream collaboration?

    Draper: Sigur Ros, I think that would be such fun! They’re wizards of sound.

    GS: What do you think is the most overused audio technique today?

    D: Definitely risers/pitch fx that lead up to the ‘drop,’ I have a lot of admiration for tracks that have an effective impact from the chorus without using those ‘tricks.’

    GS: What is your favorite product you can’t live without?

    D: Definitely my desktop computer, it’s a beast that I spend far too much time on (mainly making music) and wherever it is, is home.  

    GS: How did you get involved with Grooveshark and why do you use it?

    D: I got involved with Grooveshark a few years ago, it’s a really powerful tool for finding new music easily and creating playlists for yourself and others to enjoy.

    GS: If you could give one tip to artists starting out right now, what would it be?

    D: Take your time, you can hear when music is rushed, the best tracks are sometimes the simplest but time has gone into refining each element into the perfect sound for that track.

    You can listen to Draper today in a Re-Broadcast playlist at 1pm EST on the Electro ▲ Chill Broadcast.

  5. You may have read the news regarding lawsuits from major music labels against Grooveshark. This latest news dealt specifically with an early version of Grooveshark which we dispensed of in 2008 in favor of our current music streaming service. As such we will continue to work with all parties to ensure we respect all artist and songwriter copyrights.

    At Grooveshark, we stand for empowering artists and fans through technology, and bringing music to the world. These goals motivate our team every day, and our efforts have helped improve people’s lives through music — both listeners who discover new music and artists whose music finds an audience through our platform.

    Grooveshark’s service has already provided millions of dollars in revenue to artists and labels all over the world, and we are incredibly proud of this. We operate our business with accountability, honesty and courage, and will continue to do so. 

    There are many exciting things coming up for Grooveshark users in the coming months, so be on the lookout for updates soon.

    Thanks for your support, Sharks.

    -The Grooveshark Team

  6. This week’s Music Spotlight is a new EP from Warp9 called “Space Gold.” They’re self-described as Intergalactic Space Funk; we would add glitch/hop/bass to that description. We’re excited to share the full EP with you a week before its official release. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

  7. image

    EDM DJ Milkman recently released “Reboot,” a self-produced EP with five upbeat electronic songs that we can’t stop listening to. We had an opportunity to ask him a few questions about the state of EDM and his recommendations for new artists. Read along, and get ready to ask him your own questions in a live Broadcast taking place today at 2pm EST.

    GS: What do you think is the most overused audio technique today?

    MM: I am cool with everything in moderation, it’s when it begins to get formulaic that it begins to get overused. I think the most overused audio technique isn’t the distorted kicks or pryda snare, even though those are pretty overused. I think the worst thing and most overused is the hard limiter! The loudness war is getting out of control and is killing all the amazing dynamic properties available with electronic music!

    What is your favorite product you can’t live without?

    My Manley Variable Mu compressor! It’s a hardware compressor that I use on ALL of my tracks. That and the Waves Studio Classics bundle. Those plugins are essential!

    Who is your dream collaboration?

    Wolfgang Gartner.

    Of all the tracks you start to work on, what percentage actually make it to completion?

    5%. I completely finish 25-35% of the tracks I start, and about a quarter of those end up getting released.

    How did you get involved with Grooveshark and why do you use it?

    I got involved with Grooveshark by doing one of those takeover hours! I’ve been using Grooveshark since my early college days and it blew my mind how I could listen to all the music I wanted online!! The social aspect of Grooveshark is my favorite. The live chats, sharing.. etc. There is no better platform for sharing music with my fans.

    If you could give 1 tip to artists starting out right now, what would it be?

    Don’t try to be your favorite producer. Take a little bit from all of your inspirations and create something your own.

    Milkman is debuting an exclusive mix and will be joined by special guest Kait Weston today on a special Broadcast. Join us to listen in and you can ask him your own questions in the live chat. Hope to see you there!  

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    We are happy to announce a special Broadcast Festival taking place September 23 starting at 2pm EST. The unique lineup includes video game tribute band, Critical Hit; the entertaining robot trio, Steam Powered Giraffe; anime/video game pianist Piano Squall; and Mega Man inspired video game cover band, The Megas.

    Each artist will takeover the participating Broadcast channels and premiere an hour-long playlist while chatting live with fans and listeners. See the festival schedule below and be sure to tune in!

    2-3pm EST- Critical Hit
    3-4pm EST Piano Squall
    Broadcaster host, Katy Castillo (Harley Gin)

    4-5pm EST- The Megas
    5-6pm EST Steam Powered Giraffe
    Broadcaster host, Niko Tallila (Nikke)

  9. Listen to the Pabst Blue Ribbon Ultimate Dive Bar Broadcast

    As the Official Streaming Music Partner of Project Pabst, a three-day music festival taking place Sept. 26-28 in Portland, Oregon, we’re proud to bring you the Pabst Blue Ribbon Ultimate Dive Bar Broadcast. It’s running NON-STOP from now through the festival’s end so even if you can’t make it to Portland for the event, you don’t have to miss out on all the action!

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    Think you know music? Today, starting at 3:30pm EST, you can weigh in with your opinion of the best party tracks of all time. Join the #TwitterParty now at #THEpartystarter and at 4pm you can add your party track picks to a live Broadcast hosted by Stoli THE vodka. See you there!


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